Q’s game: don’t you have emails to check, or anything?

Q’s game: don’t you have emails to check, or anything? September 7, 2022

“Church Clap (feat. LeCrea)”


Do You Have Any Stevia Around Here?

We really have to get away from the dot coms




I appreciate the right LinkedIn has offered recently for people to identify as He/She, especially on a platform geared toward establishing businesses under a name.

It’s A Matter Of Semantics

When did everyone stop considering language, each and every word, at face-value?


Actually see question below for further explanation, humor me

When I got the cold treatment [conjecture] I went through the roof


What leadership network somewhere in the Midwest kind of recommends Venmo?

I know the answer is


Yet I’m searching the whole map for the exactly right network

Who likes cameos when watching a movie, even of people off to the right who are marginalized and ballin’ their eyes out?

In a way me, and we’ll see


See above question 2 from a professional

Who’s dad is a Bishop?


Who’s launching an international, live choir as perhaps a means of evangelism, possibly comparable to Eric Whitacre?


Which one of them is actually taking the choir to the neighbors in real-time, and not exactly like Max Headroom?


to the best of my knowledge

Why are you picking an old, tired video from someone who looks like he just went to the barber?

Refer to questions 2, 4-5

What if I don’t want to talk about such things in tandem?

Refer to the Lead-In
See also Frappaccino
If you buy in, please remember it’s all about Semantics
I think that’s how you spell He/She’s last name, either or/or no of the above
He/She was part of the group of philosophers who ran point for you on postmodernism
This movement has been able to adapt it’s language over time after those who have rallied to deconstruct language to be on somewhat of level playing field over serveral generations and geographical locations

However, some of He/She’s followers have freedom to change language depending on who knows what, unfortunately?

However, I think you’d really like where He/She’s followers are headed toward now, their telos if you’re brazen enough to compare the postmodern deconstructing of terms to Classical Greek Literature, like telos
It’s as if He/She’s real name if forgotten
There are so many variations these days
Nope, I don’t see any major movement stateside on Facebook, from any social network trying to change humanity with postmodernism

Any are we basking in reflected glory of this postmodern movement, though places in the world do see the pitfall?

May I suggest the person I am talking about directly above is definitely not


See also question 7
Also, do some name games and see if you can figure out who I’m talking about at the cafe
And while you’re in the cafe, you’ve got to use the cafe cups!

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