strictly speaking, i’m still not satisfied with the title, nor opening line

strictly speaking, i’m still not satisfied with the title, nor opening line September 10, 2022

personally speaking, down from anger.

this is no play on words.

this has different meanings, or does it?
it’s not war related.
there’s no reason to play Monopoly.
none of us remember the Bell Telephone fiasco, or do we?
in our day, certain music artists become leaders.
their names live on through the businesses and leaders who have walked the circuit with them.
who knows who is living among us today?
please find these thousand hills online; it’s a little flat.
i’m sure we’ve gained a tactical advantage on cliff climbing slippery rocks like no one else with our public lands.

obviously, i’m joking here.
what have we written into our narratives?
how fast can one of these be dismantled and put back together?
oh look, there’s another one, or it’s a look alike perhaps?
let’s dialogue about who the Virtuoso is/was and who is/was making the most money.

my words fail me.
i simply do not have any words to express myself.
i am not in shock or grieving, because i simply do not want to attempt to decipher language barriers.

there are plenty of reasons for the post today.
please believe me, the election year jazz in America/s; the natural back and forth dialogue does not seem to be bothering me too much at all.

i have tried, perhaps rather unsuccessfully, to attempt to refrain from saying anything about anything in the market square, although i’m no Rather by any means.

i seriously apologize for the Monopoly game reference, music illustrations, and feeble news reference.

i do not know what is going on. i would like to refrain from my opinion being a factor in this whole issue today, so please accept my apologies for this edit.

personally speaking, down from anger.

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