neither here nor tHAIR | tea time on my watch

neither here nor tHAIR | tea time on my watch September 26, 2022

neither here nor tHAIR | tea time on my watch

Today’s selection is a French Roast, locally sourced. Although French and Italian are usually a little smokin’ hot for me in flavor and aroma, this particular French Roast is entirely smooth. FYI: Some baristas recommend French or Italian for creative maestros who operate Espresso makers, if they run out of Espresso coffee.

Anyone remember your preacher saying? . . .
“If you change your hair color, and then come to pray at the alter, God won’t recognize you!!” (little joke)
. . . me neither

* Who cares if they’re men or women?
In my church/es alone, in the last couple 2-3 weeks, on the greater praise/prayer teams:
  • 1 person went from brownish/blonde to silver
  • 1 went from dark brown to bluish highlights
  • 2 really set apart went from straight brownish/blonde to blonde noticeably on top
  • & i know i could be missing 1
  • 1 exited with brownish hair and showed up again next time with blondish hair
  • 1 from blonde to long brownish highlights
  • 2-3 wear hats or do rags(sp?) I guess
Anestiev | coffee category | 02.20.2017 | open source pixabay[1]
  • some are difficult to chase down; changing their styles so quick; never looking the same; no matter if their hair is long or short
  • & i can never figure out if a couple others are naturally red or…

the point:

If this preacher and people-person has a difficult time tracking, I’m sure our Lord doesn’t because these people are in His courts daily. Their daily prayer/worship practices more than exceed their time on stage. I’m in privileged conversation perhaps once per week, whether in the walkway, in the room we’re building, teacher’s lounge, the kitchen, whatever.

the Scriptural point, and i don’t refer to this Passage often because there is quite a bit to it: I will never reject them . . . Stop complaining about what I said. For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me, and at the last day I will raise them up. As it is written in the Scriptures . . .

Greek in the prophets:
I will teach all your children,
     and they will enjoy great peace . . .

‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.[2]

a subtle point: They’re in His courts daily as worshippers, but in some ways they could be, possibly like guardians of the citadel too. If I can’t keep up with them on my watch, it gives me a sense of security knowing they’re willing to mix it up to keep us all on our toes.[3]

and another point: Nah; after the last one, enough is enough.


[1] Public image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay
[2] John vi.37.b, 43.b through 45.a; Isaiah liv.13; John vi.45.b. Watch the progression in this specific, published NLT
[3] a subtle point: is not so subtle when you know there are some recognized parishioners who have the right to conceal to carry, or whatever packin’ may be called in your region. I hope I don’t get a reprieve for making this public! An influencer who may or may not have this right (IDK, truly) told someone down another walkway recently, “I never cast you out,” and I saw that hand gently placed on the person’s shoulder. Google it (the quote). You’ll find the above chapter with some strong sayings of Jesus Christ, every time!

I didn’t hear all of the conversation in the walkway, and why would I want to, but what our Lord seems to be relaying to me today in this brief blog is 1) if we’re responsive to His voice, 2) and those He is utilizing to lead us, then 3) we’re in; no matter what things used to be considered frivolous norms like matters neither here nor tHAIR.

This principle applies somewhat to the greater Passage as well, and to matters of tradition. There are certainly other matters of import in our day and age to deal with.

What do we consider the parameters of ministry to be about?

After all, I still believe the activity of the church/es works in tandem with some sort of legal umbrella also, right?

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