“Silent Love” | Russ Taff throwback

“Silent Love” | Russ Taff throwback November 15, 2022

“Silent Love” still stands out as a personal favorite from Russ Taff’s Medals LP.

Russ Taff “Silent Love”

I searched for a live performance to capture some of Russ Taff’s charisma back in the day, because he’s changed…
like the best of them. He ventured into a Harry Connick style Christmas project a couple times. Then, he basically went country. Now his voice doesn’t have the same strength in my opinion, unfortunately.

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However, Russ Taff and Amy Grant still look good after all these years. I carried a burden for this man and his family for decades before the movie, which I still haven’t seen. There is some privileged knowledge I’ve had, for one reason or another.

He’s won 2 Grammys and has been nominated for 7. I’m not here to critique him, but to quickly reflect and apply the song. You’ll still find current day groups doing a “cover” of this throwback.

In my readings this morning, I was struck again by the love of God in an unlikely passage, the judgment prophecies of one of The Twelve.

“Cheer up Zion! Don’t be afraid!
For the LORD your God is living among you.
He is a mighty savior.
He will take delight in you with gladness.
With his love, he will calm all your fears.
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”
Zephaniah iii.16.b – 17; Fresh Start Bible

With his love can also be translated He will renew you with his love.
It can also be translated He will be silent in his love.

He has a silent love for us

This is where I go wrong often. I don’t flow in the silent love of God.

I once made a rule I would not post anything to a social network before 10 am. Everything is still too exciting in the day, so to others it seems like nothing is really too exciting. I’m only rambling.

I’m making a rule I’m not going to text or post right before or after a jog, unless it’s like the stats to a Facebook Story. I am far too susceptible to what we used to call “jogger’s high.” It’s real.

It’s real at least for me. Right before or after a workout, I’m in a different zone.

If there was ever a time your textbox was jammed by multiple texts from me…
it could be a high…
jogger’s high.

This now includes Starbucks. I have 2 Starbucks and 1 library withing jogging distance. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon, but not everybody wants me to offer them play-by-play on my day.

Plus the inhibitions sometimes drop with jogger’s high. I really share things I may need to share in another way, another context…
or perhaps be silent for now.

“He will be silent in his love.”

I don’t know how He does it.
He has so much to share.
So much real excitement to offer.
Far better than a jogger’s high.
But His love is like a whisper.
It’s unassuming.
He doesn’t demand attention.
He slowly draws us in
the way Russ Taff so perfectly depicts.

We don’t have to listen.
We don’t have to give in to the gentle pull of His silent love.

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