Ways you can make an interfaith marriage work

Ways you can make an interfaith marriage work November 21, 2022

6 ways you can make an interfaith marriage work

When I use the term interfaith, I am speaking of Christian faiths. A couple/family merging from various faiths is no small work, but it is a good work. Plus I know the ways Christian couples have navigated these waters.

i. celebrate different charisms

Once the pharmacist told me he is a non-charismatic, but his wife is Pentecostal, speaks in tongues, and believes in the prayer language. He has never spoke in tongues yet. However, they love each other as a couple and go to the same church.

ii. include different types of congregations

One couple reported to me they are from different levels of church. One is from “High Church” and the other is from a charismatic congregation. They decided to expose their children to both traditions and raise them to respect various Christian faiths.

iii. “opposing” faiths… opposites attract

Historically, some faiths oppose each other. A couple was from a Baptistic stream and a Wesleyan stream. Now there are denominations which are like kids and grandkids to both these traditions.

The couple loves to discuss the ins and outs of reformed Theology, trying to persuade each other, like it is an ongoing game. Usually, one gives in eventually and says something like, “Now I can see this going on for a long time!” Of course this could be a point for a deep dive, if a couple enjoys swimming in Theology.

Cory Barnes | “All of Me”

iv. the ways of the middle-ground

There people dedicated to the in-between; middle ground groups. They don’t affiliate with any denomination per se. For instance, at all the Renovaré trainings, couples are highly encouraged to do something of this nature together. Learning at an interfaith or ecumenical event is very effective.

v. a non-guided retreat

There are also couples who have gone to retreat centers. People from various faiths sponsor the retreats. They do not always guide couples.

Many youth camps even offer an option in the off-season. Lodging, meals, and access to the chapel and services may all be included in one price. The schedule is generally up to the couple, but the opportunity is a pilgrimage of sorts.

vi. settling-in to a home church

Picking a church is not difficult for some. Someone can maintain obligations at one congregation if the couple decides on another home church.

A family attended up to five evening services every week, but called our church home. As a Pastor, I became a little concerned, but all of the congregations were steady. The family reminded me that I’ve been raised in church. They’re starting out, so this is what they do together in the evenings. They’re growing in the Lord quicker by being under multiple leaders in the community, than by only attending our church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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