against false narratives

against false narratives March 27, 2023

against false narratives

Have you ever been a victim of a false narrative, whether imposed on your people by society or on you as an individual by family, etc.?

It’s like groupthink, a form of mob mentality, that makes a group less intelligent. Then with a false narrative, they make you take the blame.

I don’t have any specific examples to share, but it is a concept I’ve been thinking about recently. Louie Giglio speaks about it. I in no way want to implicate anyone, so I’m writing simply to raise awareness.

false narratives for women

We celebrate Women’s History Month in March. Like other disadvantaged groups and individuals in history, we have often painted a false narrative about them.

“We [the disadvantaged group] accept the false narrative about our lives that we aren’t worth much to God… or anybody else, for that matter.”[1]

False narratives are real and often imposed on us from others. This month is a celebration of the shedding of false narratives for women.

“Call Me”

Tramaine Hawkins | press release

false narratives for individuals

“The truth that God is for you and not against you matters greatly. If you don’t believe this, you’re constantly watching over your shoulder. This action of looking over your shoulder begins to create a false narrative, the image of a world in which you constantly play the victim card. You miss the freedom and encouragement of accepting the fact that people do love you.”[2]

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8.31.b

There is the false narrative one has when he’s looking over his shoulder, playing the victim. People really aren’t plotting against him.

Then there’s the false narrative when others want him to believe they’re not plotting against him… when they really are.

Either way, God’s Word is not false. Any group that could be really plotting against him may find themselves fighting against God.


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