recap | on the marital relationship in Ephesians

recap | on the marital relationship in Ephesians March 23, 2023

recap | on the marital relationship in Ephesians

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The first 2 articles are an overview of the Passage in chapter 5. This is from another study and does not necessarily correlate exactly with the rest of the articles. These 2 articles stand on their own as an interpretation of this pericope.

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When discussing the roles within marriage, Paul doesn’t start with the couple. He starts with the Pentecostal-Charismatic community of faith. This is a major Theological paradigm. The Christian family is actually under the line of authority of the church. If a Pastor cannot speak into a family situation within the church, then Paul’s instructions here are not being heeded.

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The following 3 articles chase specific themes within chapter 5: submission, sanctification, and sexuality. These are 3 principles that are part of the bedrock of the marital relationship. These 3 principles also have specifically Christian twists, against the backdrop of the Jewish or Classic Greek Household Codes.

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There is much that can be said about sexuality. The whole passage drips with metaphorical language and application. In this article, I explore some of what the passage shares.

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This is perhaps one of the most unpopular stances during our time. Although I believe in gender equality in some respects, I do not believe Paul has egalitarianism in mind. There are actual roles for the husband and the wife to fulfill respectively.

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“I’m In Love”
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We all know what unconditional love is.

This is our trite definition of agape love.

Whether or not it is the best definition is up for grabs.

However, this millennium, the idea of respect has come to the fore in this pericope. Just as the woman needs unconditional love, the man needs unconditional respect.

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