About Scripture Schedules

About Scripture Schedules May 15, 2023

About Scripture Schedules

At this point, I have tried it all, or just about everything.

I started out with the topical Scripture schedules put out by the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals). After a couple years I tried the NAE schedules to read through the Bible in a year. On average, it would take me 1 1/2 years to 2 years.

I’ve read through the Bible many times since those early years. I’ve thought it’s best to remind yourself of the whole counsel of God.

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Otherwise reading Scripture can easily become needs based. We read only what we think is important to us at the moment. Reading all of Scripture opens our eyes to treasures God has for us that we never knew about. It strengthens us with words that may mean something to us in the coming months.

All that said, the first time I went off schedule was the year I took the whole year to read through the 4 Gospels. I read just enough for one day in the life of Jesus, or my best estimate. It was a struggle to go off schedule, but I got better acquainted with our Lord.

There have been other times I’ve went off schedule. I’ve tried 3 schedules in a row and still haven’t completed the Bible. Instead I’ve committed to reading communities. What is my Pastor speaking about a Passage? What is my midweek staff pastor speaking about a Passage? I go to their Passages in my Scripture schedule and I read the verses in context. I’ve been keeping committed to my readings this way, through reading communities.

There are other schedules I recommend. I’m not sure if the NAE still puts out schedules but there’s nothing wrong with them. I’ve read according to liturgical calendars like the Book of Common Prayer, iBreviary, or the USA Catholic Bishops.

Although I believe in reading the whole Word for the whole counsel of God, I also believe in reading along with reading communities for a shared path.

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