2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community

2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community February 12, 2024

2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community

Sara Reeves
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for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1.7, NRSV

The word “cowardice” is also translated as timidity or anxiety.

It is extremely difficult to write on a Scripture that I have had memorized since I was a teenager. It is even more difficult when I would like to do a Word Study, but I feel compelled to share from experience. I’m not trained to tell stories.

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Nonetheless, I share with people at church quite often. Certain people seem to know everything. Such is the nature of relationship and accountability in the community of faith.

I used to be a little more reserved in my relationships, but now people know more about my personal life than I was comfortable sharing 10 years ago.

At church recently, I shared with someone. The service had not started. We were standing in the back.

People were milling about before service. I shared some concerns I have about my life plan at this moment.

The person not only listened to my concerns, but tuned into the way I presented them.

“Well, let’s start by remembering 2 Timothy 2.7. God has not given us the spirit of anxiety. So let’s take all of your anxieties and lay them at the feet of Jesus. And how does He help us overcome anxiety? First of all, He helps us overcome anxieties by the power of God!”

Then the person prayed for me. And it wasn’t just a quiet prayer since there were people around. No, the person laid hands on me in the Biblical fashion and prayed out loud that I would overcome my anxieties through the power of God.

Scripture interpreted in community adds life meaning.

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