Disengagement | Solitude & Silence

Disengagement | Solitude & Silence February 6, 2024

Disengagement | Solitude & Silence

One could easily define disengagement, solitude, and silence. However, can one define the terms in a Christian contemplative sense? Can I?

The problem is, I have none of my books of this sort at my fingertips.

Merriam-Webster online has little to say, and nothing contemplative to speak of.

Must I try to define these terms on my own?

Very well, there are Christian practices known as the disciplines. There are disciplines of engagement and disciplines of disengagement. Disciplines of engagement are easy to spot because their aim is activity and action; disciplines like worship, prayer, fellowship, etc.

I’m alone for 6 days, other than work and church. Someone asks me how I am doing. I say, “I’m doing all right.” The other person retorts without missing a beat, “Yes you are doing, but are you being?”

Steffany Gretzinger
“The Olive Grove”

This is like the subtle difference between disciplines of engagement vs. disengagement; doing vs. being. Both are needed.

I have definitely experienced solitude, not loneliness, but solitude. In a contemplative sense, it is more than being alone. It is setting oneself apart to make room for no one else other than myself and the Holy Ghost. It is not just being alone. It is positioning myself to commune with God. If I do anything in solitude it is only what is necessary to set an atmosphere for our Lord Jesus Christ to invade. Things change in silence and solitude at the name of Jesus.

I’m not sure if I’ve experienced as much silence. While in solitude, I have played my music. I have cried out to the Lord, prayed out loud, prayed in tongues, and wept before Him. However, there have been multiple instances of profound silence and restful, spiritual peace. In fact, I am experiencing silence and solitude right now as I write now.

I’m grateful for time well-spent with our Lord.

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