A Concise Theology of Love. (7 of 7. Love is not…): Death Row Ruminations (Thoughts from an Extended Dialogue with Keith LaMar)

A Concise Theology of Love. (7 of 7. Love is not…): Death Row Ruminations (Thoughts from an Extended Dialogue with Keith LaMar) June 4, 2022


This concise theology of love was constructed by The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood (Dean, The New Theology School) after a recent night of dialogue/conversation with Ohio Death Row philosopher, Keith LaMar. Of particular consequence, is Hood’s consistent interaction with Lamar’s slogan, “Love is the only freedom.”




“You can’t have a life while carrying hate…”


-Keith Lamar


“Love is the liberation.”


-Jeff Hood




What have you longed for your entire life?


Feel the love.


Do you love me?  This is one of the most misused questions in all of human existence.  People ask such a question in order to demand an answer that they should already know.  You see, if someone loves you their action will show it.  i.e. You shouldn’t have to ask.  If someone’s actions don’t show love, then any affirmative answer to such a question would be a lie.


Love is not a lie.


For love so loved the world…that love gave love’s only begotten love…that whosoever believes in love shall not perish…but have everlasting love.


Love is not temporary.


Religion is about control.  Love is about freedom.  One’s encounter with the spiritual should always be free.  If one’s encounters with the spiritual are not free…then they are not loving.  There is no spirituality without love.


Love is not religious.


Love is energy.  Love is electricity.  Love is the life force.  Love is always changing.  Love is always moving.  You know when you plug into it.  It is the breathe of life.


Love is not static.


Love is awake.  Love is seeking to understand.  Love is seeking to know.  Love is seeking to see.  Love is scary because it requires that you respond to what you see…experience…encounter…know…come to believe.


Love is not asleep.


Love does something.  Love moves something.  Love is something.


Love does not sit still.


When one is joined together.  When two are joined together.  When three are joined together.  When the entire world is joined together.  Hell…when all of the universe is joined together.  Since all of these things are true whether we realize it or not.


Love is.


There is power in saying that love simply is.  There is tremendous freedom in knowing that love is.  No matter what we do…love is.  We don’t have to create it.  We just have to embrace it.  We just have to live it.  We just have to love.


Know love.


Feel love.


Experience love.


Be love.


…and you will never die…


For love is the only thing that is eternal.


Breathe out.



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