A Systematic Theology of Love

A Systematic Theology of Love April 21, 2015





GOD is LOVE & LOVE is GOD. Love created us in Love’s image. We are created to be Love. In the beginning, we were Love. Unfortunately, we decided that Love was not enough. In our desire to control Love, we lost our way. We have been searching for Love ever since. In the person of Jesus, Love became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Truly, Love so loved the world that Love gave Love’s only begotten Love that whosoever believes in Love will never perish but have everlasting life. Love came to show us that Love is the way, Love is the truth and Love is the light. In our ignorant self-destructive tendencies, we tried to kill Love and we failed. Thankfully, Love will never die. In the resurrection of Love is our hope. The spirit of Love works among us to take us back to the place that we are from…a place called Love.



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