An Open Letter to Christians on Immigration

An Open Letter to Christians on Immigration July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014

An Open Letter to Christians on Immigration


Jesus fled after his brothers were shot to death. There was nowhere to go that was safe. Jesus pushed north. Traveling across nation after nation, Jesus was abused and almost killed numerous times. Months into the journey, Jesus started his trek through the desert. The dehydration worsened with each step. Collapsing to the sand, Jesus closed his eyes and did not expect to wake up again. The bright light caused him to open his eyes. Jesus found himself guarded by Border Patrol in a clinic. A few days later, Jesus was loaded onto a bus and driven to a new facility. People stood along the roadways holding signs that said, “Return to Sender.” The people had no idea that the sender was God.

Jesus is present in those that have crossed our borders without documentation seeking a better life. Will we deny the ones that God has sent? I will not. I am prepared to give my body to the struggle for immigrant rights. Today, I will be joining with dozens of ministers from around the country to participate in an act of civil disobedience leading to arrest at the White House. I am a faith leader ready for serious immigration reform.  I am calling on the President to stop deportations immediately.  I can no longer deny the Jesuses that have crossed our borders.  I have chosen to act.  Friends wherever you are will you stand with me?

Rev. Jeff Hood

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