angels amongst us?

angels amongst us? August 31, 2020

Ravi Roshan / Unsplash

angels amongst us?



When I was an early teenager, I worked across the street for my neighbor.  I cut.  I mulched.  I sweat.  I pruned.  I pushed.  I edged.  I did it all. In spite of the miserable pay, I enjoyed it.  There is something about doing something alone that is redemptive at that age.  Early one rainy morning, I put on my coat to run across the street to collect my money.  I didn’t realize how blinding things had got.  When I was in the middle of the street, I heard a loud horn. The van skidded at me.  I just knew that I was dead.  The world seemed to stop in those moments. The wet grill was almost touching my face.  Rain seemed to hang in the air.  Before I could react, I felt something pick me up and throw me across the street.  There is no possible way that I could have escaped certain death on my own.  It wasn’t a force.  I felt the hands.  From the ditch, I looked up and absolutely nothing was there.  I was so shaken up that I forgot to get my money.

Regularly, my mind wonders back to that day.  Why didn’t I die?  Why am I still here?  What was the force that grabbed me?  Why isn’t such a power evident in all of the injustices apparent in the world?  I don’t know.  I simply know that we need more of whatever it was that I experienced that day…and we need it fast. Everybody should be spared. Everybody deserves peace. God is capable.  No more police brutality.  No more killings.  No more hate.  God!!!  Please!!!  Send us some angels…or more than we got. Whatever happened to me, I pray will come to pass for all who face danger.  Such intervention is beginning to seem like our only hope. Perhaps, it always was.



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