The Cure for Blue Supremacy

The Cure for Blue Supremacy July 23, 2017



“Love your enemies & pray for those who terrorize you.” -Matthew 5:44


There is only one way to cure Blue Supremacy. Weapons will not work. No one is going to outgun them. Politics will not work. Politicians will always support them. Protests will not work. Shutting such actions down are easy for them. None of the classic responses work. We have seen it over and over again. There is only one way. We have to meet violence with violence. There is only one phenomenon that is stronger than physical violence…the violence of love. We love our enemies to make them submit to love. This is the only way. The Blue have to be repeatedly pummeled with love…until they stop the oppression. The Blue must be shamed out of their terrorizing ways. Love is the only force that can achieve that. The Blue can be beaten…we just have to play a different game. Love is the most violent force ever known. Let’s get violent. Let’s take the fight to them. Let’s destroy the brutality of the Blue. Their physical violence is no match for the violence of love. Let’s go. We pray for the terrorists in Blue because we know what love can do.



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