At the end of Trump’s first year, I pray for revolution

At the end of Trump’s first year, I pray for revolution January 21, 2018
Scott Walsh/Unsplash
Scott Walsh/Unsplash



*This column originally appeared in the Dallas Morning News on Saturday, January 20, 2018


I woke up. Fear had nested in my bones. I couldn’t see. There was something downstairs. The words penetrated the darkness. “Trump” and “win” repeated incessantly on the forgotten radio. Shock exploded. Audio of the vulgar and profane utterances filled my ears. I was terrified for the marginalized and oppressed. Their lives were already tough.


Now, things were going to get much worse. In the darkness, my soul cried out for the strength to stand with the forgotten. I stumbled. Immediately, I got back up. There would be no rest. In the light of the election, I knew that I must learn to walk anew.

Even though I didn’t believe it possible, I still prayed that he would change. I don’t pray like that anymore. I pray for revolution. I pray for the swift and immediate removal of the president of the United States.


I am a Baptist minister. For centuries, my forebears have carried the torch of religious liberty. We are firm believers in the separation of church and state. Local Baptist minister and religious tyrant Robert Jeffress does not behave like a Baptist; he behaves like a joke. He speaks evil to be seen favorably by our president. Since the election, I’ve started to realize that the separation of church and state does not mean the separation of conscience and hate. This is not about politics. This is about responding to evil for what it is: evil. These are desperate times. To not revolt against our president now is a sin that futures generations surely will not be forgive. I believe revolution is the only path to God.


Jeff Flake’s policies and politics always reminded me of a popular bully in high school. Then, something happened. Frightened by the actions of our president, Flake began to revolt. Most Republicans have sought to distance themselves from his actions. Flake doesn’t seem fazed at all.


With boldness, Flake recently rose on the floor of the Senate to deliver a withering critique of our president’s consistent denial of truth. At one point, he even compared Trump to Joseph Stalin. I couldn’t believe it. He has joined the revolution. There was one line of the speech that has stuck with me more than all the others:


“Between the mighty and the modest, truth is the great leveler.”


Our president might be the greatest liar of our age. Such a title would also make him the greatest oppressor of our age. Truth is the great leveler. It is the only thing that can set the captives free.


The verbalization of words does not create truth. Our president says he loves all people. He is lying.


Our president has mocked the disabled.

Our president has denigrated women.

Our president has shunned black people.

Our president has stolen from the poor.

Our president has bullied Muslims.

Our president has robbed native populations.

Our president has ignored the homeless.

Our president has endangered LGBT folk.

Our president has terrified Latinos.

Our president has tricked the worker.

Our president has cursed the condemned.

Our president has destroyed the environment.

The evil doesn’t stop.


Our president’s verbalization of words has not created truth. Our president says he loves all people. He is lying.


Revolution is a peculiar word. For many, it’s terrifying. For others, it’s exciting. For us, it must be our reality. Evil controls our present. It doesn’t have to control our future.




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