Esteban Santiago Should Have Been Helped.

Esteban Santiago Should Have Been Helped. January 8, 2017
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Back in November, Esteban Santiago was growing increasingly paranoid and traveled to the Alaska FBI office to share that he thought that the government was controlling his mind. From his car, agents recovered a gun. Not long after, local police transported Santiago to a hospital for mental health treatment. About a month later, Santiago picked up his gun. Soon after, Santiago flew to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to unleash a massacre with the same gun. Now, five people are dead and many others are injured.


Why did Santiago get his gun back? Our laws did not give the FBI the ability to keep the gun. Santiago was not accused or convicted of a crime nor had a court declared him mentally deficient. Here in the United States, we care more about loose gun laws than we do about our citizens. It’s hard to believe that this young man walked to an FBI office desperately seeking help and they didn’t have the authority to keep his gun.


Why didn’t Santiago get the help he needed? Why wasn’t he protected? Why was there no follow up? The only thing that could have saved the lives of the folks in Ft. Lauderdale would have been some sort of action that fills the gap between law enforcement and the hospital. The FBI obviously didn’t make it happen. A lack of support for those struggling with mental illness has once again taken lives.


It should not be this easy to carry out a massacre.


It should not be this easy to get or keep a gun.


When someone is mentally ill they need help not their weapon back.


There are bodies on the floor of the terminal.


What will we do to stop the bleeding?



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  • Eugene Kaptur

    Yes, he should be helped, after his trial and conviction, he should be immediately executed on Worldwide TV, the Muslim way, by beheading….since we’re not barbarians like the 7th Century Muslims, we might be able to borrow a guillotine from a French museum to send him off….in Muslim style!

    • What makes you need a scapegoat? Why can’t you function without something to be against?

  • Guthrum

    What I don’t understand is why he was not put on the no fly list, and why he was not on some watch list. There should have been medical clearance from a psychiatrist before he could get that gun back.

    • Timothy Weston

      The gun lobby is too strong. Additionally, they hoisted a very perverse interpretation of the Second Amendment to the public, who has fallen for it.

  • Brandon Roberts

    while i agree we should’ve helped him. our mental health system failed this guy and our current system doesn’t help reintergrate veterans back into civillian life