Fear is Our Only God

Fear is Our Only God March 9, 2017



I’ve long wondered what happened to our boldness. Our faith was once defined by courage. In their earthly existence, all the early disciples had to look forward to was a gruesome execution. In spite of the consequences, they still followed. If persecution hit our churches, I have no doubt that people would renounce their faith as quickly as they could. Too often, our churches are built on nothing less than money and false righteousness. We are called to a radical faith that causes us to stand with the least of these. How can we love the least of these when our primary concern is survival? We are so scared of losing our influence. We are so scared of losing our buildings. We are so scared of the collapse of our institutions. We are so scared. Fear is our only God. Our faith feels dead. Is there anyone who will join the revolution? Is there anyone who will live into the resurrection? Jesus is incarnate in the least of these not in our churches. We can only follow Jesus if we go to the least of these not to our churches. Our faith is about giving our lives to the least of these not to our churches. Jesus is calling us to so much more than our current ecclesiastical imprisonments. Get out! There is no progress there. Please follow Jesus. Look throughout the institutions…he is not there. There is nothing progressive about following Jesus. It is so much more than that. Join the real revolution. Give your life to more than the safety of moderation. Wake up! The least of these are dying. We must leave. Stop being afraid! Go much further than any false notion of progressivism. Save the Jesuses that our inaction are killing. There is no fear in God…there is only revolution. Don’t delay. Jesus is waiting.



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