God Damn Donald Trump: A Call for Revolution

God Damn Donald Trump: A Call for Revolution July 3, 2018
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“People are dying. Unless you want to save them…we have nothing else to talk about.”


“Can’t we just talk civilly?”


“Civility is an evil word most often used by evil people to put up a smokescreen in front of their evil actions or inactions.”


“I just think we are missing each other.”


“No. You are missing the point.”


“Isn’t it beautiful that we are so blessed to live in a country where we can have these types of conversations?”


“Blessed? We live in a country that is ruled by the most evil leader in the world that is leading us in a direction of becoming the most evil nation on earth. Blessed?”


“I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.”


“I’m not in agreement. I am in revolution.”


Masked men took them hostage. For days, they didn’t know whether they were going to live or die. Eventually, they let them go. There was no money for the rest of the journey. They were forced to do things they didn’t want to do in order to keep going. The journey seemed to grow more treacherous by the day. Exhausted, they finally made it. After declaring their intent to apply for asylum, the officers ripped their children out of their arms. When they screamed why, one of the officers declared, “Ask Donald Trump.”


Death was there.


Unable to breathe, he checked himself into the local hospital. While he didn’t have insurance or the money to pay, he figured that debt was better than dying. His diagnoses required expensive drugs. Unable to pay, his health got worse and worse. Despite numerous applications, he couldn’t get any help from the government. When he asked the doctors why he couldn’t get any help…they replied, “Ask Donald Trump.”


Death was there.


Nations have come together for decades to discuss human rights abuses. For many years, the United States has led the way. Not anymore. Recently, the US has pulled out of multiple international human rights organizations. As a diplomat walked out of a recent meeting, an ally wanted to know why…and he replied, “Ask Donald Trump.”


Death was there.


Excited to get his future started, a young man pulled up to his new college and raced inside for orientation. When he opened the door to the packed gymnasium, everyone in the room was white. While he had heard that race had been taken out of the application process, he had no idea that a racist admissions process could create a college that was all white. When he protested to the dean…he replied, “Ask Donald Trump.”


Death was there.


Death is here.


No more!


No more!


No More!


No more asking. No more civility. No more abuse. No more death. No more! Now is the time for doing. God will damn Donald Trump in due time. Don’t worry about that. Until then, let us be the hands and feet of the revolution. Let us overthrow the evil that surrounds us. Let us do more than simply whimpering for change. We can be the revolution. Now is not the time for asking. Now is not the time for civility. Now is the time to get up off of our asses and fight. On the day we beat back the tyranny of this administration…we will truly be able to celebrate an Independence Day.


In Jesus name…



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