God Hates America

God Hates America February 2, 2017
Screenshot / Feed of National Prayer Breakfast
Screenshot / Feed of National Prayer Breakfast


This morning, I had the opportunity to watch the National Prayer Breakfast. Rarely, have I seen such a display of national/civil religion. Every speaker lifted up the United States as the home of God. The flag was waved over and over. There was a shared belief that peace could only come through blunt force. God was invoked repeatedly. As everyone asked God to bless America, I thought about the scene last weekend. I thought about people being denied entry into our country. I thought about families being separated. I thought about all the lives we have destroyed through marginalization and oppression. I thought about it all. In the midst of the constant flow of nationalistic idolistic prayers, I realized something…there are plenty of times when God hates America. If you don’t believe me, ask those whose lives have been destroyed by America. God is not blind. Everything is brought to the light. We can only ask for blessings when we are willing to bless.



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