Historia Divina. : A New Spiritual Process for New Spiritual Revelation

Historia Divina. : A New Spiritual Process for New Spiritual Revelation April 14, 2022

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Historia Divina.


I created Historia Divina to be a mystical revelation at the juxtaposition of history, Christ and self.  Since Christ has existed throughout all of history, it makes sense that one would be able to find Christ in history.  Thus, Historia Divina is the process of engaging Christ with the expectation that Christ will guide you to deeper historical and spiritual truths.  It is imperative to remember that this process guides you into the account rather than just simply reading the account.  Since you are journeying with Christ, the process is just as much about learning more about Christ as it is learning about a historical account.  The process concludes in deeper historical revelation of Christ…Historia Divina.


Historia Divina has six steps.












Pick a historical account that has spiritual significance.  Then, slowly read through the account.  Now, close your eyes and rest your mind.  In the stillness, offer thanks for the creation of the account.




Keeping the mind clear, breathe slowly for a short period of time.  Then, allow all that you remember from the account to slowly come flowing back.  Sit for a while with whatever you retrieve.  Ultimately, you will create a mental synopsis of the account.




With the eyes still closed, acknowledge that Christ is present.  In these moments, ask Christ to guide you.  With expectation, thank Christ for preparing you for what’s ahead.




Listen.  Hear what Christ is saying to you.  Engage the depths of what Christ is saying.




Restore the mental synopsis you created in your mind.  Feel it in your spirit.  Let Christ lead you back through the details.  Give your being fully to the journey.  Pay close attention to all that is revealed.  There is no detail that is insignificant.  Remember.




Hold tight to all that you have seen.  Create a new mental synopsis.  Find a place to preserve it.  Give thanks.


The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

Maundy Thursday 2022

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