If She Has a Penis…

If She Has a Penis… March 6, 2015


For over 40 weeks, Emily has carried our son and daughter. We walked all day. With every step, I held Emily’s hand and she engaged every contraction with grit and determination. Over and over, I looked into her eyes and knew that my home will be wherever she is. Despite the pain, today was about a beautiful love that only seems to grow deeper and wider. Nearing the end of a long journey, we had some beautiful moments to reflect today. One stands out.


We stopped for a second at a small chapel. During an impromptu photography session, Emily sat down next to a beautiful array of light flowing in from a stunning stained glass window. Often, God speaks to me through rainbows of light. Looking at her stomach, I realized that she has two vaginas and a penis now. In the moment of revelation, I knew that I would love her no matter what sexual organ she has. Without question, I have fallen in love with the soul of a person. In the beauty of the moment, God reminded and affirmed in me that love is love and love is what will set us free from all our silly categories that hold our minds and hearts back. I pray this beautiful revelation for the world.


Since God is love, may we embrace and celebrate love wherever or however we find it.



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