Kelly Gissendaner Lives! Everyone Else Too?

Kelly Gissendaner Lives! Everyone Else Too? March 2, 2015



The drugs were cloudy. Though I can imagine, I have no idea what that really looks like. With a question about bad drugs being what postponed this execution, I know that this is not just about Kelly Gissendaner anymore. This is a moment that could have real repercussions for the many other people on death row. I pray that this is the moment that abolitionists in Georgia have been looking for and that these cloudy drugs will slow down the entire process or even lead to a moratorium. Brian Terrell is scheduled to be executed on March 11. We need #kellyonmymind to start thinking in the direction of #brianonmymind and #deathrowonmymind. This could be the moment we have all been working for. I pray so.





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