The Martyr of Climate Change

The Martyr of Climate Change January 24, 2017

Baumer / Instagram
Mark Baumer / Instagram


Last week, I’d never even heard of Mark Baumer. I suspect most people still don’t know who he his. Such ignorance is unfortunate. A few days ago, I learned that Baumer embodied the lived experience of faith in something greater than himself. Back in October, Baumer left Rhode Island to walk barefoot across America. With each step, Baumer sought to raise awareness and money to combat climate change. Most people would dismiss Baumer as crazy. I wanted to know more. In the midst of his story, I found great pain. Last Saturday, Baumer was struck and killed on the side of Highway 90 in Florida. While most were focused on their lives, Baumer gave his life in an attempt to save our planet. I remember someone else who took a walk for our planet and ended up being killed on a cross. Perhaps, extraordinary love is not so crazy after all.



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