Nacogdoches, Texas Pool Brutality / Cop Assaults Young Black Woman

Nacogdoches, Texas Pool Brutality / Cop Assaults Young Black Woman May 7, 2019
from cell phone video

On April 10th, Nacogdoches, Texas Police Officer Josh Anders assaulted multiple women in a parking lot. The video of the incident confirms that these were the actions of a piece of shit cop determined to live out his racism ideals.  Following the incident, Officer Anders charged one of the women with resisting arrest. These are my words to tonight’s rally in support of these young women.

To the church gathered on this holy night…


Three years ago, I stood before a rally of thousands of people and firmly declared, “God damn white America!” Hours later, 5 Dallas police officers were killed right before my eyes.  Since then, people have consistently asked whether I regret what I said.  These people want a specific answer.  They want me to grovel on my knees in repentance.  Though I undoubtedly regret the loss of life, I don’t regret telling the truth. Honestly, if there is anything I regret it is that I didn’t say it loud enough for the white people of Nacogdoches to hear me.  Maybe such language could have stopped this atrocity.  I don’t know.  I simply know that this community needs an exorcism.  There are demons in your midst.  I can see them on that videotape.  There is evil in their eyes.  Oh God, grant us an exorcism tonight.  Traditional churches aint going to help…hell, they’re complicit. Indeed, such spaces are often full of demons.  Tonight, when you look around…know that you are surrounded by the people of God…you are the church…you are the exorcists…you are the only hope this community has.  Rise up.  Don’t delay.  FOR Our God is marching on.


…and one more thing…


“God damn white America.





Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

Public Theologian

Denton, Texas

May 7, 2019



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