On the Power of Preaching…

On the Power of Preaching… January 25, 2015


I woke up this morning with my mind set on the things of God. When the majesty of God truly comes over you, there is a tingling in your physiological construction. While I wouldn’t call it nervousness, I can say that it makes you shake. Today was a preaching day and like all preaching days I was overcome with the sense of responsibility that comes with standing before the people of God and purveying the words of God. The drive is always the worst. I was thinking a million miles a minute about the structure, content and flow of what I was about to preach. I try to keep praying over and over in the midst of all this. With my mind and prayers so fixed on the sermon, it is a wonder that I don’t slam into the car in front of me. Though I had a few hard brakes that scared the shit out of me on the way, I made it safely to the church. No matter the location, there is something about walking into a sanctuary and seeing where the preaching moment is going to take place. There is beauty in the place where people gather to hear a word from God. The closer the moment of proclamation got, the more I felt the magic. By the time my sermon started, I knew what was coming. I could feel it. In spite of my limitations, I knew that God showed up and showed out. I left changed. Regardless of our modern sensibilities, I was reminded today that there is still tremendous power in preaching.



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