Our Magician: The Holy Spirit

Our Magician: The Holy Spirit June 9, 2015


*This is the fourth installment of my weekly theological conversations with my summer intern, Christian Parks.


C: What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?


J: The magical Holy Spirit is the great queerer. Blurring our identities, the Holy Spirit guides us into deeper being. In deeper spaces of being, we learn to be exactly who and what God has created us to be. I believe that the Holy Spirit is working throughout the world to draw us together in the queerness of our collective beings. Do you believe that there is magic working within you?


C: The magic working within me allows for a triune connection. For me, the Holy Spirit is the breath of God that was breathed into creation. As we connect with our breath we better connect with God and in connecting with God we better connect with others. Each of these pieces are intimately connected. Without all three pieces, we aren’t fully participating in the magic God offers our souls and our world. The magic of the Spirit is transcendent love that hopes, believes, and cares. Do you believe we’ve forgotten the magic?


J: I think most of us wouldn’t know the magic of the Holy Spirit if it slapped us in the face. We are so busy trying to be safer and safer in the creation and maintenance of categories and identities. Unfortunately, God does not call us to safety. Freedom is dangerous and the Holy Spirit invites us to exist in the freedom of a God who created us to be wild. We must give up our desire to control everyone and everything and cling to the magic. In the magic of our creation and destiny is the very queerness of holiness or our place in God.


C: I could not agree more. We have lost openness to the magic. We spend so much time policing and controlling everyone else that we don’t realize that we are squashing the queerness of the Holy Spirit in each other. Our attempts to control kill anything that is queer. I just want to be able to embrace the queer magic of being me.


J: Me too, my brother…me too…



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