poetics under fire or verse written with my son sitting on me on a flight to dallas-fort worth

poetics under fire or verse written with my son sitting on me on a flight to dallas-fort worth March 14, 2014




bart screamed out

and everyone told him not to shout

the one they called crazy blind man

screamed out and go to see again

we will not open the eyes of the blind

until we scream out about the oppression we find

the sign

everyone demands a sign from god

but perhaps the sign we need comes from us

sit down




go to the movies




with those people you hate the most

be the sign both you and the world need

so before you ask for a sign tonight remember you are the one who is called to be light

the plane

tube flying

jeff sleeping

ground passing

light heating

engines pushing

stewardess checking

radio playing

phone buzzing

man sneezing

windows closing

aisle guiding

the pain of this moment is not the pain of tomorrow

i am in a microcommunity that seems always to be on the cusp of mutiny

there are demons round here

there are demons round here

i don’t think they are a construct of yesteryear

i met one last night

all he talked about was his church’s institutional might

the ones in mark slobbered and spit

the demons i know just talk a bunch of bullshit

money is always the word of the hour

they have no idea that in the poor is the power

jesus put the demons into pigs and they ran off a cliff

now they talk about the need to stay away from any rift

the demons had courage because they know it will expose

the institutional ruses they have going of which nobody seems to know

the houses for the demons have names like first

while the people who are desperate continue to thirst

the mandate was to love the least

but now when controversy rears its head

the demons pretend as if the the least are better off dead

apeasement is the flavor the demons like

but jesus called us to be light

the ones who dwell in darkness the most

are the ones who seem to think they are God’s host

and get to decide who is in and who is out

and consistently want to talk about their clout

the demons go by names both conservative and liberal

but once the showdown hits and the least need allies

all of the talk of justice becomes dribble

the demons seem to weekly be cast out into the seats

and then the people go out to defend supposed feats

if you want to go to the institutional church

i only ask that you be careful for there are demons round here

the cleaning of the temple

the temple got a good cleaning

the church needs a good cleaning

jesus tossed out the money changers

the church needs to toss out the money changers

the religious leaders devised a plan to kill jesus

the church continues to devise a plan to kill jesus

jesus left

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