Politicians Poison Prophesy: Damnable Awards

Politicians Poison Prophesy: Damnable Awards June 15, 2017



Pandemonium filled the church. The television cameras rolled. I beamed as one of the top elected officials in our county walked up to receive an award. Everyone listened intently as I described the official’s accomplishments. Then, the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived. I extended the award and gave the official a hug. Pandemonium broke out again. In the midst of the joy, I saw the cross out of the corner of my eye. Slowly, sickness came upon me. This wasn’t a physical sickness as much as it was a spiritual sickness. I knew that I’d committed an offense against God. We had no business championing any politician and I was one of the main participants. I hadn’t given the official what was the official’s. I’d given the official what was God’s. While there are certainly worse politicians we could have given an award to, it doesn’t matter. The church cannot exercise prophetic authority over the state when it is throwing around awards. If I had it to do all over again, I’d have never done it. From what I’ve seen on social media, there are multiple churches planning to give out awards to politicians this summer. Some of whom are blatant enemies of God. Be careful my friends, you will reap what you sow. Jesus is not found in political influence. Jesus is not found in public attention. Jesus is found on the streets. Our awards should be given to the least of these not the most of these. Repent. Turn around. Let your awards reflect the claims you have made about your hearts. +Can you imagine Jesus giving Pilate/Cesar an award?



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