Pray for Dylann Roof

Pray for Dylann Roof December 15, 2016


Earlier today, a jury found Dylann Roof guilty of killing 9 people at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. An avowed white supremacist, Roof admitted that he killed the churchgoers because they were black. Seeking to ignite a race war, Roof wanted to be a savior for white people. Now, the punishment phase of the trial will determine whether or not Roof faces the death penalty.


For the first few months, I prayed daily for the victims and their families of the Mother Emanuel shooting. On a regular basis, I still do. The shooting left a deep impression on my soul. I couldn’t fathom how anyone could commit such an atrocity. In the midst of my confusion, I turned to God. Over time, I felt the need to pray for Dylann Roof. At first, I resisted. How could I pray for someone so evil? After much prayer, I realized that Roof was a child of God and as worthy of prayer as any child of God. I started praying for Roof. I’m especially praying right now.


Soon, a jury will soon decide whether or not to sentence Dylann Roof to death. All followers of Jesus should join me in prayer. We cannot love our neighbor as our self and kill them. The words of Jesus are just as poignant now as they were back then. You can’t follow Jesus and be about killing. The death penalty is contrary to everything followers of Jesus believe. We have to pray for the killing to stop.


Pray for Dylann Roof.



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  • Darren Goble

    I join in prayer for Roof, his family, and the family and friends of those he killed. The death penalty does not bring justice, it mocks justice.

  • JamieHaman

    Umm, I always thought the real point of the death penalty was to ensure that after the heineous crime, the perpetrator was not ever going to be able to commit such a crime again. And that is to ensure the protection of the rest of society from the perpetrator.
    Life in prison, in solitary confinement, or out in the general population? Seems cruler than the death penalty to me.
    We already know the death penalty isn’t a deterent.
    Dlyann Roof needs your prayers now. He really needed your help, compassion, and kindness before he committed this crime.

  • Irie Lynne Session

    And for what “should” we pray?

    In my desire to communicate effectively I’ve learned to “shake the shoulds.” I do not impose “should” on people and I typically resist or check people who attempt to “should” me. Should, is guilt producing, and often a barrier to effective communication. In the case of this article, many Black folk during this season, are reliving the memories of the traumatic and violent evil that was perpetrated by a young hate-filled white man. We are imagining this young man entering into one of the most sacred spaces for Black folk-the church, experiencing what I’m sure was an incredible Bible lesson, then standing to his feet, and shooting and killing 9 people! How dare you tell any of us, we “should” pray for Dylann Roof. Prayer isn’t something that we impose on another person. Prayer is personal. It’s private. It flows from the deepest places of ones heart. No one has the right to tell another person who they “should” pray for.

    Jeff Hood, I appreciate your willingness and desire to pray for Dylann Roof. I appreciate your stance on the death penalty. I don’t appreciate your telling me and other’s that because we are followers of Jesus Christ that we “should” do as you do.
    I therefore, “Shake that Should!”