Racist Children Force Child to Drink Urine / Racist Employees Force Colleague to Drink Urine

Racist Children Force Child to Drink Urine / Racist Employees Force Colleague to Drink Urine March 7, 2021

SeMarion Humphrey/Screenshot



Racist Children Force Child to Drink Urine / Racist Employees Force Colleague to Drink Urine

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‘This Is Beyond Bullying’: Justice Sought For Plano ISD Boy Allegedly Abused By Haggard Middle School Students

This is the way the world ends.


You wake up. Tears stream down your face. You know it’s difficult enough to exist as a black man without all of this other bullshit.  You don’t want to go to work…but you know that you have to.  You pray that today will be better…but after everything you’ve been through…you struggle to believe in prayer anymore.  Hope is dead…yet still you hope.  The car seems to drive its’ self.  You just die with every mile…until you are there…right out front…hell awaits.


When you open the door…one of your colleagues grabs you by the balls.  On your knees in pain, you look up to see all of your colleagues laughing.  Once you regain your composure, you pick up your things and get on the elevator.  Thinking you might get a second of peace…you close your eyes.  Then, another colleague jumps on the elevator and right before you get to your floor…he slaps all of your stuff to the ground.  The elevator opens with all of your colleagues laughing again. Finally, you get to your desk. After you sit down, you realize that there is something sticky on the seat.  One of your colleagues proudly tells everyone that it is his semen.  The entire office buzzes hysterically about you sitting in semen.  The “joke” is on you…all day…everyday.


One day, a colleague comes up and offers their friendship.  For the first time, you begin to feel real hope.  For over a month, the friendship grows. Eventually, your colleague invites you to a party at his house.  You are so excited.  This is the first time that you have had any type of social outing in a long time.  You get dressed up…and feel great.  Upon your arrival, you are led downstairs.  Immediately, all of your colleagues from work and some of their friends grab you.  As they shove you to the ground, everybody starts throwing things at you. You are crying for things to stop. You don’t know what to do. Everybody has their phones out taking pictures.  Nobody offers any help.  Then, one of your colleagues comes out and offers you a drink of their piss. Thinking that it’s the only way out.  You drink it. Eventually, they all get too drunk to notice you leave.  Pain is all that you know.


Once you’re home…the terror subsides for a moment…at least…until you go back to work on Monday.


Imagine if you were dealing with this on a daily basis…


SeMarion Humphrey was/is dealing with all of this and more at Haggard Middle School in Plano Independent School District (Texas).


…being incessantly bullied within inches of his life.


We would never excuse this type of behavior in adults…so why do we try to excuse it in children?


…boys will be boys.


SeMarion is black and his tormentors were/are white.


…they’re a reflection of us.


Evil is evil.


When we forget such a basic principle…we become apologists for hate…and allow the terror to continue.


These bullies should be hit with the full corrective weight of justice.


We will either stand for what is right (regardless of when/where/how/what age we find it) or we will die at the hands of the bullies.


This is the way the world ends.



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