The Sin of the Ballot: The Evil of Voting

The Sin of the Ballot: The Evil of Voting March 9, 2018
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The Sin of the Ballot: The Evil of Voting


Does God vote?


“Obama is going to save us all.” I remember those words so clearly. Amongst the oppressed of Oxford, Mississippi, hope was spelt Obama. I was excited too. I too believed that Obama could save us all. We were all wrong. Obama was not Jesus Christ. I can’t believe we expected him to be. I can’t believe…in the ballot.


Some might say that voting is a necessary evil. I can’t help but call it what it is…evil. Our hope is in the transformation of hearts and minds…not in winning an election. The oppressed always loses when the will of majority is assumed to be the will of the people. Justice is about the struggle for righteousness not about the struggle to win elections. I don’t care about the ballot. I care about the struggle that is beyond flesh and blood. Justice is lived not elected.


I have been so sad to watch so many people struggling for the election of various candidates. I believe their efforts are in vain…perhaps even evil.


I’m always amused to see athletes pray for the victory of their team. Do we honestly believe that God cares about the outcome of a football game or any other game for that matter? I’ve got to believe that elections are similar. Does God really care about who is elected? The incarnation of God didn’t.


Jesus prophetically fought against his government. It didn’t matter who was in power. Jesus fought.


The reason that the ballot is so sinful is that it binds us to one candidate or another. Our binding should be to justice alone. If we are living in Christ, we won’t care about the ballot.


God doesn’t vote.


…or have a favorite football team for that matter.



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