The Cowardly Cancelation or Real Talk with the Dallas Morning News

The Cowardly Cancelation or Real Talk with the Dallas Morning News January 10, 2019

Screenshot of my Email



To the surprise of no one, Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson has finally canceled our meeting. Though Wilson declared his desire to take on injustice, I never believed him.  Dallas only rewards those who behave.  Now, he’s back in line….if he ever stepped out at all.



His cancelation email from January 8, 2019 at 3:09pm with my commentary/response in bold is right below. // My formal reply to this email on January 9, 2019 at 7:56pm is in bold below his message.





I’m writing to withdraw my invitation for you and your group to meet with me, Brendan Miniter and the editorial board. Your Facebook post last night — the day we went through the wrenching ordeal of laying off 24 newsroom colleagues — saying that you are “going to pray for the demise of the Morning News” lacked basic decency and let me know you are no longer interested in constructive dialogue with us.



I always pray for the death of injustice so that justice might arise in its’ place.  I simply don’t believe in death without resurrection.  The injustice at the Morning News must die. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Morning News can survive apart from the injustice that it perpetuates.


After he fires at least 43 people, Wilson has the nerve to attach the phrase “basic decency” to my post on Facebook?


They were never interested in “constructive dialogue.”  They were interested in their dialogue…which is why they sent us instructions on their decorum before the meeting ever happened.  Power imbalances always inhibit constructive dialogue.


I guess they thought they could use this meeting to silence me for a little while?  Not going to happen.



When we talked by phone a couple of weeks ago — a call I initiated — you shared helpful perspectives about our editorial recommendation in the District 4 Council race. I appreciated that conversation and the lengthy talk Dominique Alexander and I had in my office on Dec. 31.



This man wants superlatives for calling me?



As I told you both, I believe The Dallas Morning News can always be better. But I have no time for people who hope for the failure of an institution that, whatever its flaws, has made Dallas a better place for 134 years, and whose journalists I am proud to lead.



This was by far the worst line of the entire email, “…made Dallas a better place for 134 years.”  After being founded by a Confederate Colonel named AH Belo, the Dallas Morning News became many things, including…a piece of propaganda for the roots of white nationalism…a promoter of all sorts of human rights abuses…a protector of segregation…the chief proponent of white interests…the unwavering defender of the police…an accomplice in the deaths of countless LBGT persons…the enemy of the impoverished.  Book after book and article after article has been written about the many sins of the Morning News.  So…  MADE IT A BETTER PLACE FOR WHO?



I am informing you in writing because I watched your Dec. 19 protest of The Dallas Morning News on Facebook Live and learned from your misrepresentation of our phone calls that I can’t have a conversation with you and expect it to be faithfully repeated.



I apologize that you expected me to keep your secrets.





Mike Wilson






Jeff Hood



My response to his message at January 9, 2019 7:56pm.





I did nothing but stand with the people that you have consistently done violence to.  Make no mistake, you will not be able to fire enough people to solve the problems you face.  You are leading an institution that has been a bastion of white supremacy for 134 years.  Whether you realize it or not, the ghost of your founder…Confederate Colonel AH Belo…still haunts you.  If you manage to withstand the flurry of recent calls for your resignation, stop all the bullshit that created all of these problems in the first place. 



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