The Cycle of Violence: Voting and Texas Politics

The Cycle of Violence: Voting and Texas Politics October 21, 2014



Over and over again, I listened to the voices that argued for the need to support progressive candidates that line up with progressive politics on “nearly every issue.”  Unfortunately, the “nearly every issue” part always seems to exclude the death penalty here in Texas.  Even the most progressive candidates are for the death penalty.  There is nothing progressive about killing people and I can’t be a part of the charade of it all any more.  Above all else, I am a follower of Jesus.  I know that you can’t love your neighbor as your self and vote for people who clearly state that they are going to continue supporting the State of Texas killing people.  Killing and Jesus just don’t go together.


We must show the world that there is a better way than killing.  I believe the death penalty is one of the defining issues of our time.  If the state can kill, then it has license to use every other tool of oppression.  Next week, in the midst of fierce campaigning for public office, the State of Texas will execute Miguel Angel Paredes.  On the night of October 28, will you be grieving the execution of another human being and demanding the cycle of violence stops or campaigning for a candidate that will stand by when the State of Texas kills another?  I am ready for us to start making the right choice.



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