The Self-Righteousness of Christians

The Self-Righteousness of Christians May 28, 2015


Injustices that make us feel righteous are always our favorites. Last week, I watched Christians get practically giddy over the downfall of The Duggars. I have wondered if people realize that the evils that Josh Duggar committed had victims? In post after post and blog after blog, I watched Christians express their pain at what The Duggars said in the past about a whole host of issues. Now, Christians feel more righteous about their selves based on the discovery that Josh Duggar committed these evil acts. So now what? Are we in a better place to deal with the evils that are committed in Christian spaces? I don’t think so. I am worried that our own feelings of righteousness have kept us and will keep us from helping the ones who are most vulnerable.


If we are to be believed as followers of Jesus…our self-righteousness can’t be our chief concern.



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