The Table Revelation

The Table Revelation January 11, 2017
Texas Department of Criminal Justice


As I sat with my family around our dinner table, I watched the clock. Every second hastened the execution of Christopher Wilkins. Though we interacted multiple times, we weren’t friends. Honestly, I really didn’t even like the guy. I found him to be a hardened evil person. That doesn’t mean I wanted him to die. As the clock drew closer and closer to 6pm, I began to pray for Wilkins. My wife knew what was going on. I know she was praying to. As the time of execution arrived, my son leaned over and asked, “Does everyone go to heaven?” In that moment, I remembered the last thing Wilkins said to me, “See you on the other side.” From a place deep within my soul, I looked at my son and said, “Yes.” Christopher Wilkins was declared dead at 6:29pm.



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  • mySweetylove

    Hardened brutal evil Christopher Wilkins should have been spared execution to live in order to be fully subjected to extremely rigorous scientific brain neuro-biological scrutiny research examination all for the sake greater knowledge enlightenment better understanding discovery as well as moderate satisfaction for inflicting moderate justifiable torture punishment vengeance retaliation – all in pursuit of better more noble fruitful American Justice ideals for the benefit of all of mankind and progress of advancing criminology in human civilization!!! Tears prayers shock horror grief over this terrible brutal evil person were extremely telling revealing of horrendous painful frustration grief helplessness sadness incomprehension over life’s cruel evil brutal tragedies.

    • Ponder this

      What is your native language? I know quite a few .__ I am afraid that Google translate made a quite bit of of “train wreck” of your speech, that is to say, a “total mess” what ever you were trying to type up there.

      If you type it in your native language, I just might be able to do better than that mess that Google translate left up there. 🙂

      I am so sorry that Google translate did such a poor job for you. It also appears that Google translate does not recognize your country’s version of punctuation. They need to improve on that. So SAD. 🙁
      >> I will inform them.

      Did Google Translate do my simple reply easy enough for you to understand in your native language?

  • Hallelujah!! Christopher knew the truth in my humble opinion. Facing death makes one unequivocal I think. He was free of codependency at last.