Will the real Keisha Pope-Nixon please stand up?

Will the real Keisha Pope-Nixon please stand up? September 11, 2019
Keisha Pope-Nixon


This is what I was told.



He told police that he and his wife were arguing in their master bedroom and that she shot him with a gun he had never seen before. He said she shot him in the stomach and he fell to the floor, the warrant said.


“The victim then stated he heard his wife state to him, ‘You’re going to die right here,’ and removed his wallet and cell phone from him,” the warrant said.


He told investigators his stepson then came into the room with a black tool bag and began hitting him in the back and the back of the head. He told police he laid on the floor for a long time before he got enough strength to try to flee.  


The victim told police he knew he had to get out of the house to avoid being killed so he ran toward the balcony and that as he did so, he heard his stepson yell, the warrant said. 


“Mama, don’t let him get away,” Cleveland Nixon said he heard his stepson yell. 


Cleveland Nixon told investigators he heard more shots being fired as he jumped about 30 feet to the patio below.






Then, it became a blockbuster…




Fierce screams ring out.  Every second births new rage.  Violence flows like water.  Then the black widow enacts her revenge.  The smoke of the gun flows through the air.   Standing over the body, the black widow laughs and taunts him.  She wants him to die.  Enlisting the help of her sons, she stages the perfect crime. Then, the wounded husband gathers the strength to make his escape.  As the black widow fires the gun multiple more times, the husband jumps out the window and runs to safety.  The black widow is arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law. Justice is served. 




I believed it all.



Not long thereafter, I received a phone call from a dear friend asking if I would be willing to help Keisha Nixon-Pope.  Remembering what I’d already been told, I was hesitant to say the least. After further prodding, I agreed to hear her side.



The abuse wouldn’t quit.  On that day, she kept demanding that he leave over and over. He grew more and more enraged. Threatening her again and again, he comes after her as she runs up the stairs.  The entire time, her sons are screaming for everything to stop. Regardless of the constant demands to leave, he just kept on coming.  Knowing that she had a gun, he kept on daring her to shoot him.  As the situation grows more physical, he pushes her into the bedroom.  Fearing for her life…she pulls out the gun.  Immediately, he lunges to grab it.  She fires.  Then, he goes after her sons.  In he midst of the threat, she fires again.  The threat was only neutralized when he jumped out the window.



I still didn’t believe any of it.



Then, I was told about the video.



On Keisha’s cell phone, I repeatedly watched the footage.  There is no question that she is telling the truth.  I saw it with my own eyes.



The fake Keisha Pope-Nixon…created by the media and the police…got shoved back into her chair.



The real Keisha Pope-Nixon is standing tall…and she ain’t sittin’ back down.  She’s gonna to tell her story of years and years of documented abuse.  She’s gonna to tell her story of the incessant financial manipulation. She’s going to tell her story of the numerous betrayals.  She’s gonna to tell her story…



The real Keisha Pope-Nixon stands.



Now…  Will we stand with her?




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