Take Responsibility Hillary, Resign

Take Responsibility Hillary, Resign October 15, 2012

One empty phrase American politicians employ that reeks to the heavens is this: “I take responsibility.” It’s usually used as a way of evading responsibility for a screw-up that, in any decently run government, would be followed by resignation or worse.

The latest politician to claim responsibility is Hillary Clinton. She said during a state visit to Peru that the wider Obama administration should not be held responsible for her screw-up at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that led to the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens.

Our secretary of state claims that a State Department investigation is underway that will uncover exactly what happened and that justice will be done. That’s well and good but it should proceed without her, because she has proven that the American people cannot trust her on this matter.

She should resign immediately or Obama should fire her. If neither of these things happens in short order, American voters have a duty to punish her party at the ballot box in November.

To review:

An American Ambassador was murdered on her watch, which is an act of war.

He was not given adequate security on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The Obama administration and the State Department have told numerous demonstrable lies about this: it happened during a protest that got out of hand; it was about some third-rate YouTube film; etc.

The crime here is awful, but the cover-up is just as bad. The Obama administration is claiming it got very bad information and thus unintentionally misled the public.

I doubt that very much, but the information came from the State Department and was approved and broadcast by Hillary Clinton. The breach of trust here is absolute and intolerable and if she isn’t made to pay a steep price, American governance will be poorer for it.

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