Why Republicans Need Grunge

Why Republicans Need Grunge October 12, 2012

Dan Matthews is the longshot challenger of Washington state congressman Rick Larsen. He’s just cut his first ad titled “Drinking Away the Deficit” capitalizing on the low-grade scandal that erupted this year when it came out that Larsen’s staffers had loose Twitter lips. Here’s the video (more comments below):

Spot the problem? The ad opens “Washington Gone Wild: Rick Larsen Edition. Larsen’s staff taking shots of whiskey on the job, watching YouTube videos of Nirvana and even calling their boss an idiot. No wonder Washington is broken and 16 trillion in debt and nowhere is it more broken than in Rick Larsen’s taxpayer-funded office…”

Seriously, a would-be congressman from Washington state thinks it’s scandalous that congressional staffers would be listening to music from our very own breakout boys from Aberdeen? Surely he can do better than this.

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