Dear White People: We Need To Stop This Insanity

Dear White People: We Need To Stop This Insanity July 7, 2016


This is Part One in what will be a series focusing on justice in race issues. I’d love to include more voices than mine in this discussion. If you would like to submit a guest post, please send me an email at


Something is broken in America.


Only white people can fix it.


This morning, I knew I wanted to write about Alton Sterling, but I was too disgusted.


With myself.


I was disgusted with myself because I could hardly feel anything. That’s how completely desensitized I am to this kind of horrific violence, the every day occurrence of our country’s black men being murdered.


But then I watched this video, detailing the events immediately after Philando Castille was shot. I dare you to watch it, too. Watch the whole thing. See the blood stain spreading against the white tee shirt, the empty dying hands, held up in supplication. Hear the panic in the cop’s voice as he begins to understand the magnitude of what he’s just done. Note the shock of the girlfriend and listen to her prayers as she begins to understand what’s happened. Look into the eyes of the four year old witness.


Or you can use your white privilege to look away, because it’s not happening to you and yours. Your choice. I’ll see you on the other side of the video.


If you are white, like me, this might be a hard post for you to read.


And that’s the point.


If you are a Christian, like me, this post might resonate with you, but if you’re white, it still might be a hard post for you to read. And that is still the point.


Two more children of God were murdered this week. Two more families in mourning. If you are American, like me, you should be in mourning, too. Because every time another black life is snuffed out we all lose a part of ourselves that matters. Watch Alton Sterling’s murder in this video. Watch it, because you need to know.



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