Jesus, Refugees, + The Christian Response – A Whole Woman Summit Session with Tess Clarke

Friends, we are half-way through the Whole Woman Summit and it’s been absolutely amazing. The speakers have brought such incredible content, I’m actually blown away.   But today, Tess Clarke, a co-founder of Seek The Peace and the director of Women’s Empowerment, gave such a moving talk on the refugee crisis — with good, hard data [Read More…]

The Concubine’s Name

**Trigger warning: sexual violence**   In between book edits, caring for elderly parents, and the online summit I’m hosting this week, between doses of pseudoephedrine for the sinus infection I have, I grabbed glimpses of Glennon Doyle-Melton’s book, Love Warrior, and something that has been swirling in my head and my heart of late settled on [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: April Peters & A Lean Start-up Life

Today is sort of a Dream-Come-True kind of day for me. There are a few big things happening — in a few moments, I’ll hit the button to send off the first draft of my finished manuscript for my first book, a devotional called PAUSE: Making Time To Walk With God. Then, I’ll move into [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Shoshanna Hecht & Flexing Your No Muscle

I remember the conversation so clearly — the not-so-subtle pressure, my building resentment, where I was standing in the kitchen, which hand I was holding the phone with. I was exhausted, stressed, near tears — and forced to say “Yes” yet again. And this made me so angry.   I was in an incredibly busy [Read More…]

The Oppression of Eve: Was Patriarchy Actually The First Sin?

Let’s play a little thought game together, shall we? It will require us all to unlock the box in which we hold our thinking, let it burst wide open like a shaken soda bottle, or one of those Cooking Fail memes about pressure cookers.  I had this thought the other day, when I was doing [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Catrice Jackson on Living A Meaningful Life

I know a secret about The Secret — remember that book / movie from a few years ago that promised you can think your way into whatever you want in life? A lot of people thought that was a little woo-woo, and maybe a bunch of hoo-ha. A lot of Christians thought it was the equivalent of [Read More…]

Christians Who Curse: Why I Do It, When I Won’t

Okay, friends, let’s gather round. We need to have a chat. I’m from Jersey, so I deal straight up, and I invite you to do the same. Let’s talk about the fact that I curse and the tiny little hubbub it caused on this post. Stick with me — you may be a little surprised [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Jory Micah & Breaking The Glass Steeple

Anyone who’s been in a capital-E Evangelical church for any amount of time knows that women often take a secondary role to men. Men lead; women serve. Even when highly qualified women serve in leadership capacities, they are called directors, not pastors. There is an unwritten rule that even if a woman is in charge, not [Read More…]

Whole Woman Series: Azalea McKinney & The Perfect Launch

I remember the day like it was yesterday, and the sinking feeling in my stomach as the realization dawned: in order to be happy, I could never have a boss. I had to be an entrepreneur.   I had just done a values assessment, and realized that my number one value is freedom. I want the [Read More…]

The Only Gay Agenda Christians Should Have

I’ve played the conversation over and over in my head, and in all cases, I still come out looking like the asshole. Dammit.   It’s one of those moments when I had the chance to speak out, to speak up for social justice, and I didn’t. The anger still burns a hole in my stomach. [Read More…]