The Only Gay Agenda Christians Should Have

I’ve played the conversation over and over in my head, and in all cases, I still come out looking like the asshole. Dammit.   It’s one of those moments when I had the chance to speak out, to speak up for social justice, and I didn’t. The anger still burns a hole in my stomach. [Read More…]

Retreat Like Jesus

One of the things I’ve noticed about Jesus — aside from the fact that he really liked to eat probably way more than his daily Weight Watchers point allowance — is that he often was desperate for alone time.   He gets me. He really, really gets me.   I wake up every morning at [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Osheta Moore and Your Own Worst Enemy

I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: the world could use a whole lot more peace.   For some of us, that means peace in our homes that might be riddled with interpersonal strife, stress, cold shoulders.   For others, it’s the kind of peace that comes when we know the world [Read More…]

This Peacekeeping Feels Violent

Blessed are the peacekeepers.    When Jesus said that, I am pretty sure what he meant was Peacemakers, I bless you, because girl, you are IN for it.   As a Jesus Freak, I am called to love the marginalized, love my enemy, to not be a sheep in the herd. I am called out, called up, [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Alyssa Snow & The Power of Mindfulness

The mind is an interesting animal. Mine obviously never read Philippians 4. You know the one — the thing about whatever is true and noble and good and just and righteous, think on these things? Yeah. My mind missed that one.   Because right now, my mind is thinking some very not-so-nice things about a [Read More…]

When God Made You: God Loves You. This Is Proof.

I don’t really read to my kids anymore. Once they learned how to read they both got this pesky independent streak, as if they were growing up or something. Which is really, really too bad, because I found a book I would read to them all the time, if they would still let me. As [Read More…]

Get Dirty. Cry When Appropriate.

Life has definitely been a  little stressful lately. I can tell I am stressed because the other day, I noticed that I was struggling to make even the tiniest, most insignificant of decisions. Decisions like, should I take my kids to the movies or not?   After snow days and bad weather, the kids were bored [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Idelette McVicker on Global Peace

I’m not sure if there’s a country that’s done the race thing right yet. We certainly haven’t. The hard part comes when some of us have the best of intentions and others still want to spew hatred. The hard part also comes when the institutions in a society perpetuate racist stereotypes. It’s hard when there [Read More…]

The Whole Woman Series: Craving Chocolate, Craving Jesus

It might be possible that a craving was the downfall of humanity.   Back in the garden, maybe Adam and Eve were just having sugar withdrawals, and that’s why that fruit seemed so appealing. I know when I’m craving sugar, I am positively maniacal about it. Cravings — whether they’re emotional or physical — have [Read More…]

Orphan, Beloved

The past few days were very tough days indeed. I’ve had to do more adulting than any one person should be required to do, and I don’t like it. Not one bit.   It doesn’t help that I feel like a spiritual orphan, unable to attend church since December. I tried. I really, really tried. [Read More…]