Making Use Of God’s Mercy: My Own New Perspective On Paul

For a long time, I thought the apostle Paul was a jerk.   I remember I said that to an Evangelical pastor once, and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, right there in front of me. After all, Paul is pretty much like the Evangelical pope, albeit a dead one, and sometimes I confess to being a little uncomfortable with the way he seems to be elevated to a prominence that seems equal to… Read more

The Great Stuff About Christianity: An Update On Maddi

If you’ve been reading my work lately, you know I’m going through a thing. This thing involves a lot of being in love with Jesus, but not a whole lot of being in love with the institution of Christianity. This thing involves loving the people in my church like crazy, but for some reason not being able to go to church.   This thing involves missing going to church, and yes, I admit, a lot of anger and frustration. I’m… Read more

18 And Pregnant With A 4.0: An Open Letter To Heritage Academy

Lately, I’ve been pretty critical of all things institutionalized Christianity. Today was the day I was going to write some good stuff (because there’s a lot of good stuff) but then this happened. So the good stuff will have to wait a bit.   An 18 year old girl ready to graduate with a 4.0 from a Christian high school has been banned from walking with her class at her graduation ceremony because she is pregnant.   Here is an… Read more

Why I Question Everything I Read About the Bible

I was instantly struck by the fact that somehow, from authoritative voices like Biblical scholarly commentaries, a narrative of women’s sexual sin will be constructed even when there is absolutely no evidence of it. Read more

The Nail In The Coffin: On Liberty University, Trump + Glenn Beck

I have longed to go to seminary, to study the scriptures, for quite some time. Partially because I am a person who likes to know what I’m talking about, but mostly because I understand that the Bible is a deep sea of meaning and wonder, rich with mineral-jewels of wisdom and understanding that a topical reading simply can not provide. Even more importantly, my Jesus is there, inside those pages. Every word points to him, every syllable is his spirit, poured… Read more

God Vs Religion: Unadulterated Faith + Butterflies

For those who prefer a straight theological bent or a social justice commentary, this will be neither. For those who eschew the woo-woo in life, the inexpiable spiritual stuff, the “weird feeling” kind of days, this post will not be your thing. But this is what happened to me. This is what I remember, and it’s what I’ve always remembered. This is about the day I met Jesus.     I was three, maybe four. It was a sunshiny day… Read more

God Vs. Religion: The Methodist Rejection

Church started making me nervous when I was about five.     It was around that time that my mom had some sort of spiritual awakening. I don’t think I ever knew the details of her story — what got her reading the Bible, praying, believing in this crazy idea that God got wrapped up like a hard candy in a human body and started walking around down here on earth.   All I remember is watching her, with her… Read more

God Vs Religion: The Great Catholic Rejection

As you know, right now I’m going through a thing. It’s an annoying and painful thing. It’s a thing where I can’t bring myself to go to church even though I’m still mad in love with Jesus. Between that and listening to massive amounts of Krista Tippet and On Being, I started thinking about what, exactly, it is I have against church, and the question Krista always starts off her interviews with on that podcast: what was your early spiritual formation like?… Read more

Christianity Today: Pesky Female Bloggers, “Brainy” Women In Church, and a Theology of Lack

So much has already been said about the Christianity Today article which bemoaned the rise of the female Christian blogger.  To be fair, this isn’t the first time CT has written about bloggers and authority — it did so back in 2012, for example, with this piece.  But the most recent article called it a “crisis of authority, especially for women.” I believe there is a crisis in the church, but I don’t think it’s a crisis of authority. I think… Read more

Church Orphan: On Desert Walking And Jesus

This year, Easter kind of sucked.   Or did it? Did I even notice? Honestly, I’m not sure. This is what happens when you’re a church orphan.   I am in that horrible place where I can’t seem to go to my church for a plethora of reasons and no reason at all; and yet I can’t go anywhere else, lest I feel like some strange kind of spiritual adulteress.  This is incredibly difficult — not going to church on… Read more

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