1 Speaking Schedule




Oct 11-12
ABC Conference Central Region
Hesston KS

Oct 25-26
Truett-Lanier Lecture
Lanier Theological Library
Houston, TX

Nov 5-6
Apprentice Institute
Wichita, KS

Nov 7
Mosaix Multiethnic Conference
Northwood Church
Dallas (Keller) TX

Nov 12-13
BGAV Annual Meeting
Roanoke, VA

Dec 15
Church of the Redeemer


Jan 14-15
Ecclesia Network
Orlando, FL

Feb 5-16
Israel Tour with Northern DMin students

March 4
Brentwood Baptist
Preaching the Sermon on the Mount

March 13
Disciple-Making Movements Summit
Wheaton, IL

March 19-20
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
North Carolina Annual Gathering and Leadership Institute
Raleigh, North Carolina

May 1
Be in Christ Church of Canada
The Meeting House
Oakville, Ontario, CA

June 6-17
Turkey-Greece Tour with MANT students

Sept 23
Indiana Wesleyan/Wesley Seminary
Marion IN

Sept 25, 26
Apprentice Gathering
Friends University
Wichita, KS

Nov 2-5
Pastors and Spouses Conference
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
Banff, Alberta, Canada