They Dared to Forgive (Donald Nwankwo)

From Donald Nwankwo (Anglican Deacon)News about the response of relatives of some of the slain members of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. was so strong it stood on its own legs as a news item, side by side the massacre at a weekday prayer meeting. At the bond hearing, some of the victims’ family members pronounced their offer of forgiveness to the alleged killer, Dylann Roof. Reactions to this pronouncement have been mixed – welcomed by some, unwelcome by others, all over the media. In … [Read More...]

“Put aside a culture war that…”

David Brooks:Put aside a culture war that has alienated large parts of three generations from any consideration of religion or belief. Put aside an effort that has been a communications disaster, reducing a rich, complex and beautiful faith into a public obsession with sex. Put aside a culture war that, at least over the near term, you are destined to lose. Consider a different culture war, one just as central to your faith and far more powerful in its persuasive witness. We live in a … [Read More...]

iron range water

Laying Down Arms (RJS)

I had the privilege last week of attending the first public conference held by BioLogos. This was in Grand Rapids and featured a number of fascinating speakers - Scot McKnight, John Walton, Ard Louis, Ted Davis, Len Vander Zee ... a New Testament scholar, an Old Testament scholar, a scientist, a historian of science, and a pastor ... and there were more perspectives as well.  Many of the plenary lectures (audio and video) and contributed talks (audio only) will be available on the BioLogos … [Read More...]

The Next Big Paul Book is Imminent

John M.G. Barclay's about-to-appear book on the apostle Paul (Paul and the Gift) is the next big Paul book, and it will undoubtedly become a major book for all Pauline scholars and all students who are in touch with the vanguard of scholarship, and I hope many pastors will read the book, too. Here's … [Read More...]

The Courts Vindicate Grammar

Sarah Larimer:Here’s what happened, according to court documents. Back in February 2014, Andrea Cammelleri was cited for a violation when she left her pickup truck parked on a street in West Jefferson, Ohio. That was because an ordinance in the village stated it was illegal to park “any motor ve … [Read More...]

O Give Me a Home, Where the…

... Bison roam! By Ted Gregory: Once wild bison were reintroduced to an Illinois prairie after being absent from the region for nearly two centuries, the animals have been multiplying a bit like another more prevalent prairie mammal: rabbits.A total of 14 bison calves were born this past spring … [Read More...]

Universalism and Death (by Jeff Cook)

This post is by Jeff Cook, and I am committed to giving space to Jeff's public ruminations because they are reasonable and give us space to think through challenging topics with rigor.Jeff Cook: I’ve become convinced this year that the traditional view of hell will not last as a dominant theory a … [Read More...]


In a few of his many writings Roger Scruton wags his finger at the deconstructionists, and he's concerned especially with Foucault and Rorty and in some measure Derrida. He calls the concern oikophobia. (See his A Political Philosophy or The Need for Nations.) Oikophobia is a Greek term, composed of … [Read More...]

Preachin’ the Blues

By Revd Dr Michael J. Lakey, Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford, UK. Michael Lakey's own new book Academic Vocation in the Church and Academy Today (eds. Shaun C. Henson, Michael J. Lakey) is out later this year. For details visit the Ashgate website: revi … [Read More...]

Prayer for the Week

O God,you have taught us to keep all your commandments by loving you and our neighbor:Grant us the grace of your Holy Spirit,that we may be devoted to you with our whole heart,and united to one another with pure affection;through Jesus Christ our Lord,who lives and … [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings on the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from the Cape[Image from public domain]Congratulations to Misty Copeland:(CNN)American ballerina Misty Copeland, a cultural phenomenon outside the dance world, has been promoted to the highest rank of the American Ballet Theatre, becoming the first African-American … [Read More...]

Privilege is Blindness (by John Frye)

Apparently when Jesus shed his blood in fulfilling his redemptive mission, his blood was red, white and blue. That’s my observation from watching and reading many Christian reactions to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Too many USAmerican Christians have fused (one version of) American h … [Read More...]

Women as Witnesses (Marianne Meye Thompson)

From Arise, by Marianne Meye Thompson:ImageMarianne Meye Thompson is the George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. While specializing in the Gospels and particularly the Gospel of John, she has written on Colossians, the epistles of John, and various … [Read More...]

From One Couple? (RJS)

The next argument John Walton addresses in his new book The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2-3 and the Human Origins Debate is the argument that Adam and Eve are required by biblically sound theology to be the unique progenitors of the human race. To do so he poses two questions:Does the … [Read More...]

Are You an Emotionally Healthy Leader?

In Peter Scazzero's new book, aptly titled The Emotionally Healthy Leader,  is a set of questions that can be asked to see if you are an emotionally healthy leader. Being an emotionally unhealthy leader is not an all-or-nothing condition; it operates on a continuum that ranges from mild to severe, a … [Read More...]

Senseless, Reactionary Violence

Rick Jervis: Fires at several predominantly black churches in Southern states the past two weeks — at least three of them attributed to arson — raise concerns about potential fallout from the recent South Carolina church shooting.The fires have all taken place in the weeks since the attack June … [Read More...]

Your Choice Is?

Source: In a speech last year in Kansas City, President Barack Obama said he received a letter from a nine-year-old girl that included a list of possible women to put on America's paper bills and coins, "which I thought was a pretty good idea." This March, Barbara Ortiz Howard and Susan Ades Stone … [Read More...]