Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen. BCP Read more

Ah, a group of men after our own heart — libraries and books, by Spencer Feingold and Hande Atay Alam: (CNN)A library in Ankara gives new meaning to the notion that books are timeless. Garbage collectors in the Turkish capital have opened a public library comprised entirely of books once destined for the landfills. The library, located in the Çankaya district of Ankara, was founded after sanitation workers started collecting discarded books. For months, the garbage men gathered forsaken books…. Read more

By D’Arcy Maine: Nearly 100 victims are expected to speak during the four-day sentencing hearing against former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar. Ingham County (Michigan) Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is presiding over the hearing and thoroughly listening to each speaker’s statement. For this, and for the respect and compassion she has shown to each and every courageous woman who has spoken, we thank her. Dear Judge Aquilina, Thank you. Thank you for listening to the incredibly brave women who… Read more

By Mike Glenn A few years ago, the boys (yeah, I know my sons are 33 and married with children) and I were talking about what to give each other for Christmas. We went through the usual suggestions—ties, shirts, some Alabama gear. And then one of them asked me this question: “If we could give you anything you wanted for Christmas, what would you ask for?” I looked back at my son and said, “You can’t give me what I… Read more

Sometime I ago I posted this and I’ll start this post by repeating it and then turn to the new book by Simon Gathercole: There are plenty of attempts to find atonement theories that avoid the barbarisms of some penal substitution (PSA) proponents, but avoiding PSA altogether is unavoidable. Here’s what it claims: 1. Humans sin. 2. Sin has serious, ultimate consequences before God. 3. The consequence of sin, its punishment, is death. 4. Jesus died to bear (and bear away) the consequences of sin (and sin). 5. Christians… Read more

After a few essays laying the foundation, the recent book Evolution and the Fall edited by William T. Cavanaugh and James K. A. Smith turns to biblical and theological studies. In the first essay in this section J. Richard Middleton, professor of biblical worldview and exegesis at Northeastern Seminary, looks at the theological and biblical themes found in the first few chapters of Genesis. Some of the material has already been covered in more detail in his earlier books The… Read more

In his exceptional book Contours of the Kuyperian Tradition, Craig Bartholomew lays out five models of how Christians relate to the world, or how they perceive what they do in terms of the mission of God in the world. Or, to use terms philosophers like, five models of the relationship of nature and grace. Here they are: 1. Grace against nature (gratia contra naturam) (Anabaptism) 2. Grace over nature (gratia supra naturam) (Roman Catholicism) 3. Grace alongside nature (gratia iuxta naturam)… Read more

Let’s be real. How much do you pay attention to the book of Revelation? How do you read the Book of Revelation? How many arguments are there about the Book of Revelation? Why are so many of the battles about this book about such — if I may — trivial pursuits? Many today have learned to ignore and not even read the Book of Revelation because of the trivial pursuits. If the New Testament were a neighborhood, the book of… Read more

By Chris Seidman. Since 2001, Chris has served as lead minister of The Branch Church, a multi-site church in Dallas with more than 100 years of rich history.  Chris is privileged to preach occasionally in churches, on college campuses, and in conferences across the country and often has his golf clubs in tow. He is also distinguished as an author who has written more books than he has sold.  So he has that going for him. Sooner or later ministry… Read more

This post, by Cherith Fee Nordling, my colleague at Northern Seminary, provides book suggestions — post seminary — on theology with a twist toward diversity and theology. From Resurrection to New Creation: A First Journey in Christian Theology. Michael Pahl. A beautiful little book that covers the heart of the Christian story, theologically and biblically, that also offers great questions and a concise bibliography at the end of each short chapter.   Heresies and How to Avoid Them. Why It Matters What… Read more

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