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This is Why We Need Christians Engaged in Science! (RJS)

Ed Stetzer had an interesting post on his blog last week -  3 reasons for Christians to Engage in Science. This post is a reprint of an essay he wrote for a small booklet recently released by the National Association of Evangelicals: When God and Science Meet and available for free download.  The booklet includes essays by John Ortberg, Mark Noll, Christopher Wright and more. Stetzer's three reasons (read his essay on his blog or in the booklet for his elaboration of these points, bold a … [Read More...]

Guidance: That Frustrating Paul

From A Fellowship of Differents.Imagine you are in Corinth, and imagine you are an Anglican type gathered in Fortunatus’s house church fellowship, when someone brings in  Paul’s first letter to the church. Someone stands to read the whole thing.All kinds of problems are addressed and Paul’s got reasons for everything he says, so it will be a long evening before it is time to go home. Finally we get to the last chapter (though there were no chapters in the original letter), and he st … [Read More...]

Where has all the honey gone? (Long time passing.)

Roberto A. Ferdman:Not long ago, chances were that any given honey jar sitting on a table or tucked away in a pantry here in the United States was locally produced. Now, after what has been a decidedly disastrous decade for the bee industry, that couldn't be any less true. "We've lost a lot of bees here in the U.S.," said Mark Jensen, a beekeeper from Montana who serves as the legislative chairman of the American Honey Producers Association. "And it's really affecting honey p … [Read More...]

This is My Story

By Kelly Edmiston. She is the Youth and Family Minister at the First Colony Church of Christ in Sugar Land, Tx. She enjoys "suburban life" with her husband Ben and two sons, Mason and Hunter. Kelly is a passionate leader following God's call on her life to minister to students and edify families. … [Read More...]

Devil Worship for the Sake of the Common Good

On the "Decline" of the Church in America: Devil Worship for the Sake of the Common Good, by Allan Bevere, with a zinger for an ending!So much ado has been made about a recent Pew Research Center report on the decline of Christianity in America. Many have weighed in on what the results of the r … [Read More...]

Wearing Red?!

Deborah Netburn:Heads up, men: Pulling on a bright red shirt in the morning may change the way people perceive you throughout the day. According to a new study, most of us think men dressed in red look more aggressive, dominant and angry than if they were clad in gray or blue. The research was … [Read More...]

An Anglican Approach to the New Testament

By Wes Hill:Admittedly, though, most of the time, in my own theological reading and writing, I don’t pay much attention to “distinctively Anglican” theology. I confess I’m more apt to read Karl Barth than Richard Hooker, and I’m generally more interested in Augustine and Aquinas than I am in the … [Read More...]

Biblical Views of Time and Space (RJS)

Chapter 5 of Mark Harris's book The Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science looks at the biblical framework of creation. The concern is not so much the act of creation, but the way in which the bible's authors talk about the nature of creation, especially time and space and the … [Read More...]

Repainting Hell: The Argument from Location (Jeff Cook)

A solid number of theologians and scholars over the past century have questioned whether the church has understood hell correctly. The most widely held view has interpreted “hell” as “eternal conscious torment,” but this view is not as easily justified through the scriptures or through reason as we m … [Read More...]

California’s New Trend

Source: NEWSER) – As California enters its fourth year of drought, with fines that the Los Angeles Timesreports could range up to $10,000 for water wasting, citizens are taking to social media to not only rat on their neighbors but call out the state's wealthiest, some of whose magnificently ma … [Read More...]

A Prayer for Peace on Memorial Day

This is Mother Theresa's version of the "St Francis" Prayer, and it can guide us as we remember those who have lost their lives in service to their country: Make us worthy Lord to serve others throughout the world,who live and die in poverty and hunger.Give them through our hands, this day, their … [Read More...]

Civil Religion: The Left and the Right (Allan Bevere)

By Allan Bevere:[SMcK: Civil religion equates what God wants for his people with what God wants for the nation, and then soon equates nation and church/Israel.]In his book, To Change the World, James Hunter persuasively argues that the religious right and the religious left are nothing more than … [Read More...]

Another Good Reason for 911

Lindsey Bever:An 81-year-old North Carolina Army veteran touched an emergency operator earlier this week when he dialed 911 — not because he was hurt, but because he was hungry. Clarence Blackmon had just returned to his apartment in Fayetteville, N.C., after spending months in a hospital and r … [Read More...]

Pentecost Sunday

Almighty God,On this day you opened the way of eternal life to every race and nationby the promised gift of your Holy Spirit:Shed abroad this gift throughout the world by the preaching of the Gospel,That it may reach to the ends of the earth;Through Jesus Christ our Lord, … [Read More...]

Books Like This Deserve Reviews Like This

Stephen Holmes, on the new book that attempts to defend complementarianism on the basis of eternal [add, functional] subordination. The new book is called One God in Three Persons, ed. Bruce Ware and John Starke. I've had more than one theologian friend say this stuff is just getting too close to … [Read More...]

Ed Stetzer at CNN

Ed Stetzer:It's helpful to statistically clarify Christianity in the United States into three categories—cultural, congregational, and convictional. The first two categories are nominal Christians—they identify, but do not shape their lives around the Christian faith. Cultural Christians are the … [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 23 May 2015

James Ernest to Eerdmans to succeed Jon Pott:Eerdmans announced today that it has hired James Ernest as Editor in Chief. He will also join the Board of Directors as a Vice President. Ernest brings to Eerdmans more than two decades of experience in acquiring and editing academic books in … [Read More...]