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From the Evangelicals to the Catholics, from Wheaton to Mount St Mary's:Professors from universities across the country — from Stanford to North Carolina Central to the University of Nebraska to Harvard — signed a petition Tuesday calling on the Mount St. Mary’s University administration to reinstate professors who had been fired. Within hours of being posted, the petition had more than 2,400 digital signatures, a symbol of the  outrage from some in the campus community as well as in broader … [Read More...]

What does “headship” mean in Paul? By Lucy Peppiatt

From Lucy Peppiatt's blog where you can read the rest of her article:When I wrote Women and Worship I was still undecided about exactly what I thought Paul meant by kephale or ‘head’ in 1 Cor 11:3, so I left it a bit open, explaining what I was sure it didn’t mean (with thanks to Chrysostom), and tentatively suggesting a few ideas. Since then, I’ve often gone back to this idea, not particularly reading a lot more, but just thinking and looking again at the Scriptures, and talking things over … [Read More...]

“Get yer bread heah!”

By John Frye.“Give us today our daily bread.”Jesus cloned a bunch of bread. The disciples must have sounded like the Dr. Pepper man, “Get yer bread heah! Hot bread heah!” Let’s continue to explore the theme of bread (aka “loaves”) in Mark. In Mark 8:1-13 we read about the feeding of the 4000 (mainly Gentiles, though the audience was undoubtedly mixed; against Stein who sees Jesus back in Galilee feeding mostly Jews). In Mark the terms “bread” and “loaves” occur 17 times in Chapters 1-8. O … [Read More...]

Fleming Rutledge and the Atonement (by Jason Micheli)

I am beyond delighted that Jason, who has spent the year in cancer treatments and healing, is back on the Jesus Creed blog. I consider Jason a friend and a gifted Methodist pastor.Inside the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama hangs a stained glass window featuring an arresting … [Read More...]

Registration Date Extended to March 4

Northern Seminary is sponsoring a tour to Turkey and Greece to visit the sits of the apostles Paul and John. And I will be the lead teacher. Our tour will be nearly two weeks long and we will visit major cities and sites.The due date for registering to go with this fantastic group of folks has … [Read More...]

Commodifying Friendship

Caitlin Dewey:Clay Kohut’s pitch for his new app, Ameego, is so absurd that it’s best to let him deliver it. “With Uber, you rent a stranger’s car,” he begins. “With Airbnb, you rent a stranger’s home.” Mhmm. “With Ameego … you rent a stranger!” What? “It’s a logical progression,” he reassure … [Read More...]

The Mystery of Creation (RJS)

The heavens declare the glory of God;     the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech;     night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words;     no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,     their … [Read More...]

Do You Know (this) Mary?

I must tell you about the first African American woman to establish a four-year institution of higher learning. When I tell you her name, it is not likely you will recognize it. But in heaven she will be as famous as Beth Moore. She was the first African American woman to hold a high-level … [Read More...]

Hillary’s Superdelegates

Danielle Kurtzleben: Bernie Sanders delivered the second-biggest rout in New Hampshire Democratic primary history last night, besting Hillary Clinton by 22 percentage points.That's important, because it hands him a crushing victory, lots of momentum and money to help him staff up for a p … [Read More...]

Immigrant Children are Educated Free in the USA

Emma Brown:As U.S. presidential candidates fight over the best way to address the influx of Central Americans across the Southwest border — with debate about building walls and deporting immigrants — the nation’s public schools have opened their doors, taking responsibility for helping tens of th … [Read More...]

Why the Church Should Weep 2: Anger into Love

By Joe JamesMeet Sadie.I do not know her real name.  I call her Sadie, because Sadie is my daughter’s name.  Sadie is from Douma, Syria.  This photo appeared on the front page of the New York Times on September 16, 2015.  The times story told of the horrors of civil warfare for most of ci … [Read More...]

On Being Single: Kelley Goewey

By Kelley Goewey: I’m going to write about being single. Bear with me.“If you’re a woman and you’ve chosen to be married, then you’ve chosen to be the woman God created you to be.”In my experience, Christians say a lot of wacky and untrue things about romantic relationships. Let’s take the ab … [Read More...]

Due Date Approaching

Northern Seminary is sponsoring a tour to Turkey and Greece to visit the sits of the apostles Paul and John. And I will be the lead teacher. Our tour will be nearly two weeks long and we will visit major cities and sites.The due date for registering to go with this fantastic group of folks is … [Read More...]

Love It! Collaborative Education

Aida Cerkez: SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — When Mirzana Coralic asked the primary school in her Sarajevo neighborhood whether they would enroll her deaf son, teacher Sanela Ljumanovic volunteered without thinking much about it.Then September came and 6-year-old Zejd was there, silently s … [Read More...]

How To Read Job (RJS)

Several years ago I posted a long series on the book of Job (See here for the posts) using the commentaries written by John Walton (Job (The NIV Application Commentary)) and Tremper Longman III (Job (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms)) both published in August 2012.   The book o … [Read More...]

Perplexed by Atonement Theories? The Core of it All

Once a young reader informed me with a robust confidence that the heart of the atonement concerned the wrath of God -- and I've had others say it's the love or grace of God while others think it is adjusting the books and getting the ledgers re-assigned. What is it then? Is it propitiation and penal … [Read More...]

Cam Newton’s Press Conference

SI.com:Should we give this young man a break?SANTA CLARA, Calif. — “I know you’re disappointed, not just for yourself but for your teammates. Because you guys talked about how you’re a band of brothers coming in, and this has to be really tough for everyone involved.” Cam Newton, sporting a … [Read More...]