“Some Christians,” David Steinmetz observes, “have become concerned about the use of inclusive language in public worship. The traditional reference to God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with its strongly patriarchal overtones, has troubled Christians who feel that more neutral language should be used in the church’s confessions and acts of public worship.” In the essay on inclusive language and the Trinity in his book of essays, Taking the Long View: Christian Theology in Historical Perspective, Steinmetz both examines if… Read more

Northern Seminary Announces Five-Year Bachelor Plus Master of Divinity Degree Program in Partnership with Trinity Christian College FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Students Can Enroll Beginning in Fall 2018 Lisle, IL— Northern Seminary is pleased to announce a new program in partnership with Trinity Christian College that will allow students to earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in five years. Traditionally, this educational path takes seven years. “Through this program, students can complete both degrees in two fewer… Read more

From Kenan Malik: [HT: JS] Nearly half a century later came the Browne inquiry into the funding of universities, commissioned by the Labour government in 2009 and published the following year at the start of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. “Higher education matters,” it argued, “because it … helps produce economic growth, which in turn contributes to national prosperity.” The value of education, in other words, is economic; universities are good because they are profitable for the individual, for corporations and for the… Read more

By Becky Almanza, Community Care Coordinator at the Highland Church of Christ Why would you want to change them? Fourteen years ago, my husband, Joe, was hired as the Community Minister at the Highland church. One of the main responsibilities he was given was to give church members a better understanding of the community and people in poverty. In addition to his 20+ years’ experience in community outreach and prison ministry at our previous church, Joe could tell you many stories… Read more

We often sing in our church a song “Prepare the way of the Lord.” It’s from Isaiah and others, it’s from Mark 1:3. It’s Advent-ish, it’s Epiphany-ish. It’s about being prepared for Christ’s arrival, which is annually re-lived in the Christian calendar. It’s also how Francis Watson discusses the Second Gospel in his book The Fourfold Gospel. There was a day when the raging discussion was the chronological order of the Gospels: Which was written first? Watson, I’m glad to say,… Read more

New Anglican Studies Program at Northern Seminary Lead the Church, Engage the World with an Anglican Ethos Northern Seminary’s new Anglican Studies Program (with certificate and degree options) begins Spring 2018, through a partnership with The Telos Collective, an initiative of The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The Anglican Studies Program is designed to serve the academic and formational requirements of students preparing for Anglican ministry, lay and especially ordained. In this program, students will engage the Anglican history,… Read more

For the offer, click this link. Read more

It has become common to study the science of religion and as a result the science of theology. Religious practice is a social construct amenable to study in the context of sociology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology. Presumably religion exists because it has some survival benefit for the human race. Religion/theology is a valid subject for scientific study, but to leave it at this misses a very important element of theology, whether Christian or not. Ernest Rutherford (who discovered the “nucleus”… Read more

John Walton’s done it again, a new “lost world” book. This one has a new advantage: he wrote it with Tremper Longman, a fellow Old Testament scholar. The method of John Walton is to break it all down into theses so I will give Tremper’s and John’s theses today. You can read the theses below and make sense of the whole book and the larger argument. Details and support for each thesis can be found in each of the short… Read more

Would you like to deepen your ability to teach, preach, and write for your church context? Do you have a desire to take your church into the rich perspective of the New Testament? Join me and my new colleague, Pastor Professor Dennis Edwards, for this innovative master’s degree in contextual and pastoral theology and exegesis. Dennis is the author of a commentary on 1 Peter. This Fall Dennis Edwards and I are launching our third innovative Master of Arts in New Testament… Read more

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