Culture Watch: Euthanasia for Children

Culture Watch: Euthanasia for Children January 8, 2014

Culture Watch: Euthanasia for Children

Culture Watch: Euthanasia for Children is a culture watch simple thought reflection on the dangers of euthanasia for children.

According to this news report, Belgium has decided to let children be euthanized. This disturbing trend has stretched from the Netherlands, Luxembourg to Belgium. As John Knight at Desiring God Ministries notes, this is disturbing precisely because the government is approving the destruction of vulnerable people.

You would think leaders in countries like Belgium would know better since they have experienced what it means to have life and death left in the hands of utilitarian power (i.e. the Holocaust). But of course that was the evil Nazi regime who killed people out of hatred. Today, in the name of compassion, they are preparing to kill children whose only crime is experiencing pain and suffering. It does not seem to dawn on the supporters of these measures that the outcome is exactly the same — the government is approving of the destruction of vulnerable people.

As Knight further notes:

We must recognize that such actions show that the god of this world has blinded them (2 Corinthians 4:4). They can’t see the horrible reality of what they are actually advocating. They can’t see that they are destroying young ones made in the image of God.

Euthanasia or man-made death counter the nature of God. This is no different than when adults decide to abort babies before birth. He is the Creator of life, not death. His Son came to give Himself so that we could live life to the fullest. He also gave us the grace to make it in life, even during times of suffering.

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