Five Reasons to Praise God

Five Reasons to Praise God April 22, 2015

Psalm 150 Let everything that has breathe praise God

Five Reasons to Praise God

April 22, 2015 Year B

Psalm 150:1-6 shares the reasons and ways to praise God. It is the last psalm in the entire book and it ends this book on the right note (no pun intended). If the Book of Psalms is about worship, then Psalm 150 reveals to us that in the end of time, we will be praising God.

This psalm gives us reasons to praise God.

1. Praise God because of Who He is (Psalm 150:1).

The psalm challenges the worshipper to praise God in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a place of worship and holiness. God is holy because He is unique and because of Who He is, we spend time worshiping Him. The purpose of worshiping Him in the sanctuary is to declare that God is worth our worship. God is God and we are called to worship Him because He is Who He is. Man is not meant to be worshiped, but God is because He is unique above us.

How do we know this?

2. Praise God because of where He is (Psalm 150:1).

God is in Heaven. We are on Earth. Because of God’s location, we are called to praise Him. Heaven is not just up. Heaven is bigger and more than Earth. We live in a universe of God’s making. But God lives beyond the universe. He lives beyond. As a result, He knows more and is more powerful than we are. That is another reason to praise God.

3. Praise God because He acts in history (Psalm 150:2).

God has acted in history. He created the world. He acts in history for His people. He has done things that man could not do. Even in an age of technology, God still does miracles.

4. Praise God because of how He acts (Psalm 150:2).

God is powerful and uses all kinds of power at His disposal. He uses miracles of nature and miracles of circumstance to show His power. He moves waters, He stops storms. God doesn’t just act in simple ways. He acts in very powerful ways.

5. Praise God because He made us His instruments of worship (Psalm 150:3-6).

We are designed to worship God. It is in our DNA. The psalmist challenges us to praise God with musical instruments. Music and worship go together in a creative process. Just as God created us, He put in us the creative thinking to praise back at Him. That is why we sing with worship songs. People put praise to music and we sing it back to God.

God inhabits the praises of His people because we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works – such as praise God.

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