You Are My Hiding Place

You Are My Hiding Place June 9, 2016

You Are My Hiding Place

June 9, 2016 Year C

Psalm 32:7

Do you remember your favorite hiding place? Can you think of a place you could go to and feel the most secure? I remember that I could hide from anyone out in the small set of woods at the end of our street. We lived on a dead-end street when I was a kid. Across the street and down a bit were some patches of forest. I would walk across to that place to “hide” when I played with my friends. I hid there because it was fun and my friends and I enjoyed the game.

Yet hiding is a necessary skill for survival. Corrie Ten Boom learned this. Ten Boom, a Christian, provided a place for Jews to hide from Nazi Stormtroopers during the regime of Adolf Hitler. (She wrote about these experiences in her book, The Hiding Place). She learned to hide others from their enemies during a difficult time for survival’s sake.

When times feel tough, I find that I can retreat to the pages of God’s Word. The Bible is like that hiding place because I can hide myself in the pages of God’s Word. At the same time, God Himself becomes my Hiding Place. He can be a Person who I can confide in and receive comfort from during my time of trial and difficulty. He becomes my security and comfort when I feel trapped or discouraged. When I feel like everything is falling apart, God Himself provides a place where I feel protected.

God wants to be that Hiding Place for you as well. He wants you to take refuge in Him. He wants you to look to Him for protection and care when life is hard.

Prayer: God, thank You that You are my Hiding Place. You help me when life is tough. I can survive with You by my side.

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