God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud

God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud December 19, 2018

God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud

God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud

When I think of Alexander Hamilton, I think of a man whose face is on the ten dollar bill. I think of the man who lost a duel to Aaron Burr. The book God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud helped me to see more about the man and his impact, as well as his spiritual influence. God and Hamilton by Kevin Cloud explores the spiritual themes from the life of Alexander Hamilton and the Broadway musical he inspired. The book explores themes such as grace, shame, faith, initiative, equality, forgiveness, despair, surrender, death, and redemption. Kevin begins by asking the following question:

“How is it that this musical, this story, this life, has so captured our culture’s imagination? What is it about our cultural context that has created the soil for this story to take root and grow into such an unprecedented phenomenon?”

Cloud answers that question by sharing his experience of watching the Broadway musical, Hamilton. He then explores the themes that the musical presented about the life of Alexander Hamilton. Cloud considers the play Hamilton a spiritual experience, an experience with God.

Cloud uses each chapter to explore these spiritual themes that come from the life of Alexander Hamilton. Like a seasoned writer with pastoral concern, Cloud explores these spiritual themes. He writes these chapters around these themes by sharing various stories from the life of Alexander Hamilton, the play Hamilton. Cloud explores the spiritual themes by topical Scripture as well as other stories – both fictional and historical. With pastoral concern, Cloud uses various illustrations, stories, and quotes to enhance and clarify these themes.

In the end, Cloud desires to show the influence of Alexander Hamilton, and ultimately the play it inspired. Personally, I found this book useful for devotional purposes. I also see how a pastor can use this book as a resource to help with teaching and preaching on the spiritual themes that Cloud presents.

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