Logos Christmas Sale

Logos Christmas Sale December 19, 2019

Logos Christmas Sale


The Christmas Sale runs through 12/31 and features deals like:

  • 20% off all Logos 8 base packages
  • 40% off Advent for Everyone (3 vols.) – now $17.99
  • 40% off Mobile Ed: TH241 Christology: The Doctrine of Christ (7 hour course) – now $149.99

Logos is the best Bible software in the market today. The parent company Faithlife provides a wide assortment of resources for the digital world. You can use Logos on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. You can even use the software program on the web. I shared earlier about 8 Great Reasons to Get Logos 8, as well as the top ten commentary sets to purchase in Logos.

I have used Logos Bible Software since 1998. Twelve years ago, I started to increase my investment in Faithlife. One positive result of my investment has been to significantly improve my ability to prepare for sermons. The program has the most exhaustive set of resources for all denominations. They appeal to the evangelical market of Baptists, but they also have resources for those who preach from other denominational perspectives as well. For example:




Messianic Jewish

Methodist and Wesleyan


Pentecostal and Charismatic




Perhaps, you are not ready to completely dive into this program. For the beginner, there is the Faithlife Study Bible. This study Bible will give you an introduction to the Faithlife ecosystem. So no matter your perspective, Faithlife has what you need. Feel free to give yourself (or someone else) a great gift this Christmas season.



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