October 17, 2021

We give honor to those who are worthy of honor. If someone was abusive in life, they are unworthy of honor in life or in death. If honoring a problematic ancestor causes you stress and suffering, don’t do it. We owe abusive ancestors absolutely nothing. Read more

October 13, 2021

When someone spouts conspiracy theories about Covid, when they overstate the side effects of vaccines and understate their effectiveness, when they deny or ignore almost 5 million deaths, I hear “there are five lights.” Read more

October 10, 2021

It’s October, when the media remembers that witches are real and tries to use them to attract viewers and readers. Their definitions of witchcraft vary widely and I don’t want to argue about that. I just want to ask: what kind of witch do you want to be? Read more

October 7, 2021

An Evangelical blogger says that either the Christian God exists or he does not exist. But there is a third option: he is simply one God among many. Theism is bigger than Christianity. It includes polytheism, and for several millennia, that was all it included. Read more

October 5, 2021

Comfort-watching is fine. But at some point, you start missing out on a lot of good books, movies, and TV shows. So I’m challenging myself to watch and read some new stuff in October. Read more

October 3, 2021

“Content Creator” is an accurate term, but it’s transactional and soulless. It calls to mind people who slap anything on a website to get clicks. That’s not what I do. Yes, I create content. But don’t call me a content creator. Read more

September 28, 2021

Prayer is one of the ways we maintain our relationships with our Gods. When They respond favorably, the feeling is divine. When They don’t, it leaves us wondering why. These are six of the most common reasons our prayers aren’t answered. Read more

September 26, 2021

Putting your Gods first doesn’t mean giving Them your whole life – leave that for those who are called to that level of service. Rather, it means doing the things you’re called to do on a consistent basis, whatever that happens to be. Read more

September 23, 2021

Research from the Springtide Research Institute shows that 39% of young people identify as “none of the above.” Like it or not, religion is becoming an individual thing. Read more

September 21, 2021

It never occurred to me to bring pictures to work. When I finally did, I discovered they can be some powerful magic. Read more

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